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  1. just arrived in germany,n i m lost ..dunno wat to do or not . sufoocated ,if anyone out here please help me..i m totally lost here !!! i want to live with nepali , i m in berlin rite now in stubenruach strs. with host family ,pliy if neone here help me ..i can't handle this ..give me some suggestion pliz.!!!!
  2. these informations were very useful but i still have a doubt, can we extend our student visa through language visa..??
  3. i m in nepal rite naw n just finished my plus 2 ..i am frm science background and got 73%..and i am 17 yrs old..and was planning to study environmental science..n i hab already got letter from brandenburg technical university ..but i m still confused..won't it b hard to study in german language,..?> and i heard there are only public universities what about this private now..and what about 13 yrs of education...help!!!!!!!! please help n thank u for replying..!!!!
  4. i was plannin to study in germany ..buh then i m still confused about studying there..am i making the right decision ..will it be hard for me to study in germany n i also heard about studying in studien colleg and languaue class . i will be loosing my too years ..would it be fruitful..please HELP"..!!!!!!
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