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  1. I also wish I had the power of change. But I am a foreigner and have no right to consider changing anything here. That is for Nepalis to do. Changes do take time and the Nepalese people are impatient for big changes. If you were PM and selected your own cabinet for 15 years I am sure you would make good changes. Most young people would. If I could make changes here, they would be:- 1. Severe punishments (like in Singapore) for thieves, murderers, rapists, corrupt public officials, drunk drivers and other criminals. 2. Rigorous driving instruction and testing of all bus and truck drivers. With many plainclothes inspections. 3. Enforced tax laws with many spot checks by plainclothed staff 4. All polluting vehicles would be removed from the roads. The UK did this in 1976-1978 and now we breathe clean air. 5. TV and Video programmes which corrupt young people be removed urgently. 6. An emphasis placed on preserving your wonderful Nepalese culture. 7. Compulsory ban on non-returnable bottles and a levy on all plastic bags. many countries are now doing this. 8. Introduce public education regarding hygiene and civic responsibilities as in Singapore under Mr Lee Kwan Yu Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk
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