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  1. It's dedicated to all chautari members....! भगवान ले रिश्ता बन्धन नबनाएका भए एउटा साथीलाई अर्को संग नमिलाएक भए, यो जिन्दगी नै हुन्थ्यो वेरंग यदी मैले तपाईंहरु जस्ता साथी नपाएको भए।।
  2. याद नगरे मलाई सताउने छु यदी रीसाउछौ त सम्झाउने छु, रुनेछौ त हसाउने छु साथी हुँ म तिम्रो , सायाँ होइन जीवनको अन्तिम पलसम्म साथै हिंड्ने छु । आह!! मुटु नै छोयो........ फूलको सुरुवात कलिबाट हुन्छ जिन्दगी को सुरुवात ज्यानबाट हुन्छ, माया प्रीती को सुरुवात साथीबाट हुन्छ र साथीको सुरुवात हजुरबाट हुन्छ।।
  3. Duriyon se fark padtaa nahin Baat to dilon ki najdikiyon se hotee hai, Dosti to kuch khaas aap jaiso se hai warnaa Mulaakaat na jaane kitno se hotee hai !!
  4. Namaste, Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering is affiliated to the University of Mumbai, the College at present conducts the following courses of study in the B. E. Degree: 1. Chemical Engineering (60 seats) 2. Electronics Engineering (60 seats) 3. Production Engineering (30 seats) 4. Bio-Medical Engineering (30 seats) 5. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (60 seats) 6. Information Technology (60 seats) 7. Computer Engineering (60 seats) In a short span, the college has come to be recognized as a premier institute of technical education. The favourable location of the institute in the heart of Mumbai along with state-of-the-art facilities and distinguished faculty has been a nurturing ground for students of high academic capabilities. 11,200 sq. meters of spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and workshops, new age computer facilities and a well-stocked library provide a stimulating educational environment within the College. The College has attracted qualified and experienced faculty members with more additions in the years to come. Continuing our commitment of providing students with better infrastructural facilities; the College has added new equipment and furniture during the year 2003-2004. A further injection of quality equipment is in the pipeline. These continued efforts of the Mandal, the faculty and our students has propelled the college into the top echelons of Quality Engineering Colleges with an 'A' grade certificate from the Directorate of Technical Education, MS continuously for the second time. For more information about the college, click here, http://www.djscoe.org/index.html You will get admission here if you have a ability or may be by luck. (Note: 4 Nepalese students are studying in the college).
  5. I have watched the TARZAN. You just watch it, you will do full enjoy to see the movie though movie is not so good but the TARZAN 'CAR' is preety good.
  6. Harek raatharuma diyo yasai jali rahyo Timro aune kunai bishwas nabhaye pani Feri pani kina ho kina Yo manma bishwas daudi rahyo ! Harek raatharuma diyo yasai jali rahyo Kala badalharu manma chhai nai rahe Aakha baat aashuko barshar hudai rahyo Timro samjhana manma paglidai rahyo ! Harek raatharuma diyo yasai jali rahyo Timra samjhanaka pidaharu manma daudi rahe Har shwas baat chot nikli rahyo Ekla ekla raatharu tyasai bitdai gare Feri pani, Harek raatharuma diyo yasai jali rahyo Timro naam ko diyo tyasai jali rahyo ! Uncle ko samjhanama aunty ko tarfa bata.
  7. British school kids take to Bollywood dancing Indo-Asian News Service London, August 16 --------------------- The popularity of Bollywood is growing in Britain with school children taking lessons to learn Bollywood-style dancing. In one of the many such events taking place across Britain, 15 teenagers turned out for a workshop on Bollywood dancing at Corsham near Bath. The highlight was a chance to learn Bollywood-style dancing with professional artist Dattar Singh. Angela Stribling, youth arts co-ordinator for the Wiltshire Arts Partnership, said: "Bollywood dancing is really popular these days, and it is really good fun for the youngsters." The teenagers were also given the opportunity to cook an Indian feast for their lunch. Chef Bhazana Mistry talked the youngsters through the basics of making scrumptious samosas and onion bhajis. Pandit Kamlesh, a priest at the Hindu Temple in Bristol, was also on hand to lead an art workshop. Participants were introduced to Rangoli, an ancient Indian art form traditionally used to decorate walls, courtyards and places of workshop. The August 12 activity day was organised after a similar successful Asian workshop in Westbury. "The day in Westbury proved really popular," said Stribling. source: http://hindustantimes.com/news/7242_950217,00180007.htm
  8. Be like a Pearl , Precious and rare... Be like a Pearl , Precious and rare, Dont be like stone , found everywhere !!
  9. That is in local hindi font. Only students from India can understand or read the letter.
  10. Sterling Silver, elegant bracelet, traditional style. Founded only in Nepal. Isn't it a lovely one?
  11. This is my area in Mumbai. This is Mahim and this area is called central Mumbai.
  12. Happy New Year 2061 to everyone.
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