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  1. Giri Community of Nepal Please do not get offened by this email. All I am trying know is how many Giri people are around the world with a Website! That's allNepal SATHI Foundation Nepal has a large Giri population, but the exact numbers are not really known due to the fact that Nepalese government census groups Giri (also Puri, and Barati) either into Chhetri or Sanyasi (or renouncer) category. As subsistent farmers (and some have indeed been real renouncers of worldly possession by becoming Sadhu/ni or holymen/woman), until recently, Giri people remained relatively unknown in Nepal’s high profile jobs or politics. Giri people are mostly inhabited in Rasuwa, Dhading, Nuwakot, Kabhrepalanchowk, and Sindhupalchowk districts, but they can be found all parts of Nepal in small pockets. They largely practice Hinduism (and animism), but do not ware janai (or sacred thread) and they do not cremate their deads instead bury them. Currently I am trying to connect as many Giri (also Puri, and Barati) people as possible. So, if you belong to one of these 3 categories of people and want to share your stories or have a home page, please send them to me. Even if you are not a Giri, but have a Giri friend or know websites about Giri people, I welcome your support. Please note that websites must contain non-threatening information and decent pictures or illustrations (if you send me the web link, please write a few lines about the content of the webpage!). Also, there is a large Giri community in India (and may be also in other countries) so including them in this site will be impossible, so I am only referring to Giri people born in Nepal to send their contributions. This is my email address: nepagiri AT yahoo DOT com
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