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  1. During a family conference, choose who will be the primary caregiver, and what function each member of the family will play in helping care for the aging parent. Everyone in the family, together with teenage relatives and younger children, can help care for Grandma or Grandpa by making regular visits, calling on the telephone to chit chat, support with household chores, preparing nourishing meals, running errands, shopping for groceries, doing the laundry, supervise medicine, trips to the doctor and so on. Relatives that live additional away can also contribute to the care of the aging parent by assembly regular phone calls, sending cards and letters, attaching recent photos or sending scrapbook collections of fun and happy times for the parent to enjoy. They be able to also make weekend trips to stay as often as probable. Dealing with elderly parents, and the numerous problems that often arise, should not be left entirely to the primary caregiver simply because they are living closer to the parent.Here a link care of our Elder Parents
  2. Look up the site http://www.caringuk.com for excellent respite homes in North Wales. They provide for short term stays or respite care which may, in some cases, lead to long term care. The Cedar and Pen-Y-Garth offer a specific care package that is designed around your individual needs.
  3. I really don't know what to say about this. Maybe this woman actually IS retarded? __________________ Eldery care
  4. Hi Friend's There are quality care homes for the elderly in Manchester and Wales that aim to provide your loved ones with all the care and comfort of a home. You will get a comfortable and caring environment in a home from home atmosphere. Log on to http://www.caringuk.com for more about these respite homes.
  5. People can opt for respite care in their homes or opt for day care. It all depends on the person who has to be taken care of. Both the arrangements have their own advantage and disadvantage. Some may not want to part with the familiarity of their homes, while some may welcome the change in atmosphere.Eldery care
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