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  1. Very well said its more like making more enemies than unifying. I myself have been here since this whole thing was a baby and it is so sad to see its all being divided. I myself have been bitched here for no reason God knows for what. But never really cared even though sometimes it was hard. If you go through the post of mine you will exactly understand what I meant to say. Bharat you always told me to ignore but we also have our own limits and this is starting to touch our hearts. I was never a favor of the way this forum has been moderated and you know that pretty well and also know the reason behind it. Cause one thing I know if the base is not strong nothing will be. And we tend to forget that this is a forum for Nepalese. And as Rajiv already said we also understand the reason most people don’t want to take part in certain things. If this was a community forum as already mentioned no biggie, all could bitch all they want and say what they want but as being an educational forum it shouldn’t lose its standard. But too late. The funny things is, This same thing happened with our Indian folks few years back and most stopped coming, and that time I myself thought they over reacted but now we can feel them. Like someone told unless things happen to you, you wont be able to feel others pain. How true. Anyways I don’t want to go any deeper just to get more bitched here, and rest is explained in email. Bharat, Himal you guys got a mail. Check it. Thank you for everything....
  2. hey mein mäuschen...nice to see you....im oki, könnte besser werden. Rajiv halt dein kaaalllllllaaapeee. : P Surrounded by thorns re hmm. ; ) Anyways now shhhhh and do your work and let me do mine.
  3. Na, you don’t need to feel sorry but thx for considering it. Besides I love explaining things to arrogant guys after all arrogant guys have the right to proper information. Because I know it’s not their arrogance which is speaking but something else. peace... im out.
  4. Excuse me sir? comparing with Harvard and MIT is something which you shouldn’t be doing. And yes I myself am working with someone from there so I can talk about it. And you know the funny thing?there was an International students conference and we had a Professor from Harvard: and it was funny to hear him say, these days certain universities are over rated and the standard is not the same as it once used to be. (Even here money is talking) It is always fun to read/hear how education system in States/Europe suk. But then again nothing can be perfect and hope it won’t, otherwise there won’t be any place for an improvement. There are many universities in Germany/Holland/France which are far better than most reputated universities world wide and have more facilities for students. But you need to know how to benefit from them. You will start to realize such things while applying for jobs and not as a student. (Why is it the way it is) And about the unemployed thing, well let me tell you one thing, you will rarely find any foreigners without a job but most are Germans. It must mean something. But again this has something to do with politics, so I will not go in details and end it here; and will leave you with your own thoughts. What we see and read is not always the truth. The truth is hidden and the deeper you go the more you will find the answers. But anyways let’s leave that by aside nothing to do with what you mentioned but politics. And I understand when mathgirl mentioned about some students were happy to go to study in UK. Yes language is the main problem here but for that only you yourself can work on it. Seriously, I myself tell them if you are not willing to change few things in your life style they should go for English speaking countries. I even sent my own brother to States whereby if here he would have it easier. But since I also know, the way he is, Germany wouldn’t be a right place for him. But the best thing is I am happy to see few Nepali Students are doing very well and soon their research work will be published in world’s top ranked magazines. And I am glad they are Nepalese. No matter where you study, everything relies on you. You are the ruler of your life and only you can decide what you want to make/do out of your life. Anyways, what I wanted to say is no matter where you study it’s up to you. Never come to a country just thinking education is free. See pros/cons and ask yourself if you fit in there. And if you want to spend your life in Western country people shouldn’t definitely choose countries like Germany/France/Holland/Switzerland because they kick you out after your education. This is also another reason why many people apply for visa to other countries once they are almost done with their studies. But then again who would wanna admit this. Errrr sorry for the length....
  5. That would be great, at least for oral exams, lol 72458[/snapback] I believe ya. Well you might have luck. Lets wait and see. Surprise. : )
  6. Arent you in Georgia and studying medicine ? Errr forgot to tell that If for someone else, Rajiv has explained the most part and for the rest, read the admission requirements. Good Luck.
  7. danke für die mail, ich melde mich. : ) tschüs.
  8. Zu viel neugier ist nicht gut. : ) Anyways I understand your point. But lets be honest, so many foreigners come here and work ilegally and study for free. Seriously I dont like it. Hurts the tax payers. I dont want to support such students with teh tax money. Besides €1000 is really not sooooooo much comparing to other countries, and they can also pay after they get a job. Anyways you dont need to stress, rules are kinda different for foreign students. Concentrate in what you are doing and all will be oki. Also, genieß dein Aufenthalt in Heidelberg. Ich hoffe, daß du das italienische Imbiss in Marktplatz ausprobierten hast. Mjam Mjam. Wie lang bist du noch da? oki, jetzt muß ich loss, zuviel hectic. Ach so, warum ist dein ganze persönliche daten überall! Findest du dass safe ?
  9. It already is. But keep in mind that students who cant even afford that, can pay back after they get a job. I dont want SPD anymore. Even if hard CDU can rule the country better. Long live Angela Merkel. Go for it.
  10. Halli Hallo Mauschen, na alles klar ? And back to Di, timi pani ke khal ko mache ho. Sometimes here sometimes there. Kahile Konstanz Kahile Stuttgart duhhhh. Send me a copy of your acceptance letter and I look a room for you.
  11. Triene

    In London

    Hi, I have a question on my mind. Is this the second time you are touring around the world? Cause few years ago i had met someone like you in Belgium. If you the same person then well ''Namaste'' to you again, if not wish you all the best and have a safe journey. - Rose
  12. Ujjwal, good good keep it up make it spicier. By the way Georgia kata, me was there.
  13. File Name :: Application Form for Research Internships In Science and Engineering Author :: MatrixRose Category :: Other Download Description :: Applicants must submit the following documents; application form full curriculum vitae / resume a cover letter adressed to each German host institution to which we should forward your application a list of subjects studied by the time the training begins a letter of reference from a senior academic in your field of study official university/college transcript View File: ->http://chautari.wnso.org/forums/index.php?download=4
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