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  1. Arrrgghh! Firstly Thank you Mohini and Dipesh. I don't know what I'm gon' do. I'm just freaking confused. I can't and don't want to apply for scholarship right away. At least not because my options are low. I'm thinking that after a while, I will try to apply for the "bursary" as they call it and back it up with good grades and not poor finances. I don't want to be handed anything away. I also felt that the sooner I tackle the storm the sooner its over. So I'm going ahead. I will arrange for emergency back-ups here in Nepal just in case the whites decide to make me eat books and pencils for meals. I just have a feeling I will survive this one too. Mohini? Are you studying there in the UK?
  2. Dear all and Suhani. I have changed my mind...yet again. I've applied for UK. I'm waiting for the offer letter. The total cost will come to about Rs.8,00,000. What I would like to know is if I would be able to pay my tuition and all my other expenses once I am there with my part-time job? I would be stunned if I had to ask people back home for help. My tuition fees is 5,500 pounds and the living will cost me about 500 pounds. I might have some debts. I just want to pay for my fees and finish my studies there. You think I can do that soundly? Please help: I'm studying Social Care and I got 8 in my IELTS...does that increase my chances of getting jobs? I know its silly...just wondering. Don't have much options y'know...
  3. Dear Suhani. Dhanyabaad tapaiko concernko lagi tara I've tried for Singapore before. I mean I've thought about it but there are no jobs there that can support me. I not only need to pay my students loan(if I take any) but also have to pay for my entire expenses from here on out(after I'm abroad). Thats why I need a place where I can settle until I finish my study and become independent. If this doesn't work maybe I will have to try for UK. I just hope this works. I just pray. Oh!! somebody tell me NZ is cool...somebody...anybody?? Thanks Suhani once again. You studying in Singapore ho?
  4. Hello. Im actually quite new to this site. I thought this site might be the answer to my serious career confusion. Its been a year since I finished here from Nepal. I want to study further abroad but am too confused. I've rejected few countries as they were not the ones I need. Now Im thinking of New Zealand. Everything sounds good but the problem is it will cost me almost Rs.15,00,000 Nepali. Thats a huge amount but Im told that US is way higher. My confusion are listed below: 1) My subject is Social Science and I couldn't find many Polytechnics(College in their word) in New Zealand which had the subject. I have just been to one consultancy and internet didn't help much. Is New Zealand a good place for Social Science? 2) Also the tuition fees is almost Rs.7,88,000 annually and the living cost is almost Rs.5,00,000 a month and of'course the extra fees including food and recreation. So the dilemma here is that the cost for my school is almost Rs.65,720 a month and living expense is Rs.38,400 a month(NZ$800) which makes it over Rs.1,00,000 a month. Now the consultancy told me that I will be allowed to work 20 hours a month and I get paid NZ$12 an hour(NZ$1=Nepali Rs.48) which makes it Rs.46,080 a month. How am I going to pay Rs.1,00,000 when my pay is lower than what I earn. Of'course I will pay for one year of tuition at the beginning but after the first year how will I handle the finance? The consultancy told me that some people earn above Rs.3,00,000 a month. Im confused. I heard New Zealand pays good. Has anybody any idea? 3) I think I might have to have to borrow some loan. Is anybody here abroad on loans? Are you guys paying it off well? 4) Is New Zealand known for its educational standard? My studies are my most important motive and the main reason for going abroad. Are their degrees recognized internationally? Please help me out. Its been a year and I have been idle. I really need your help. Please. Please help me out. I really want to
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