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  1. I think there is none here from the Phillipines. The college should be OK as it is recognized by the MOE and approved by Nepal Medical Council. Nevertheless, my request to all is that you should inquire well before applying for PG Medical Courses in Phillipines. There are quite a lot PG colleges not recognized by the Nepal Medical Council. I think it applies to all countires as well.............
  2. But it is OK here. BTW, nice website.
  3. sunil


    Welcome Back. Life is like that, you can not be present all the time everywhere.....................
  4. Hi Sooorace!! I am currently doing my MBA from one college in London, and want to share my experience with you. To say frankly, studying in college might be very troublesome because of the UKBA rating policy. Nobody knows when these colleges can get suspended. Even my college recovers out of suspension with difficulty. I think you should better apply for university. University can be 1000-2000 pounds more expensive than the college, but you can expect secured education and high value qualification. If you could do some research, there are many affordable universities in London. It depends on what you want to study. For ACCA, you could apply for London School of Business and Finance. I think they are offering ACCA+MBA combine package, where you pay only for ACCA and after completion, you can do your MBA for free free free. However, I am not sure if it's an academic institution because the website doesn't have ".ac" domain that a good academic institution must have. May be other frens can give suggestions. Give me shout if you have anything else to say. Thanx. Dear Love_United, is there an new update on UKBA's new regulations?
  5. Hello Dear, Thank you for your suggestions. I hope our members will follow your suggestion.
  6. I think there is none here from the Phillipines. The college should be OK as it is recognized by the MOE and approved by Nepal Medical Council.
  7. Dear friends, Please suggest an appropriate date for WNSO International Meet in Nepal. Please discuss here when most of the WNSO members living outside Nepal are planning to come to the motherland. We will fix the date after your suggestions. More the participations from outside Nepal better for us. Thank you once again and we hope to get your feedback soon.
  8. Nice topic here. Injuries are a global preventable public health problem and my doctoral thesis is on Injuries prevention and Safety promotion. I can share my findings here if people are interested.
  9. Dear All, Happy Vijaya Dashami 2066 to all of our friends at WNSO Chautari. Sunil
  10. So sad, he will not be able to go for foreign employment if he is having that problem. The scar will remain for a long period, probably for the whole life.
  11. What the hell u talking about? Who is taking you to Dalarna University? That a nice place, but a living hell fo foreign students, if you are studying without scholarships. The city is a small touristic town and you will not get any job there. Should you need more information, send me email at drsunilkj@gmail.com.
  12. Nepal should be at high alert for Swine flu With the World Health Organisation (WHO) designating swine influenza outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern and raising the pandemic alert to level 4,Nepal should be alert at Tribhuvan International Airport and all other entry ports for identifying persons with suspected infection who could be arriving from the affected countries including Mexico, the US, the UK, France, Canada and New Zealand. As per WHO reports, till Monday the United States government has reported 40 laboratory confirmed human cases of swine influenza A(H1N1), with no deaths. Mexico has reported 26 confirmed human cases of infection, including seven deaths. Canada has reported six cases, with no deaths, while Spain has reported one case, with no deaths. Not only all passengers coming from these countries should be screened but also those who have arrived in Nepal till ten days back should be tracked down and asked to report to the nearest medical center. Any person suspected to have influenza should be isolated at the airport and put on treatment. Tribhuvan International Airport should have additional medical and paramedical staff for identifying suspected cases. A round-the-clock call centre under the Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control, Nepal should be attending calls from the public regarding reporting of influenza-like illness. The Nepal Government should also advice those travelling to affected areas to curtail non-essential travel.
  13. Hello, I think Neurosurgery Academy is the best place to study that subject in Moscow. I have few friends who studied Neurosurgery from that Academy.
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