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  1. yeh... you are right! It is living hell! If anyone planing to come at Dalarna think 1000000000000000......s time before you take any decision! But it is very beautiful touristic town as Dr.Sunil said.
  2. Hello Manish, I have no idea about nepalese in Jonkoping but there are many friends in Linkoping not far distance from your location. you can can call me at 0735676147. I will definitely help you what i can. take care bye!
  3. There are many Nepalese living in Sweden. Most of them do not know about this site and organization, so they could not reply your post. And those who know about WNSO and this site do not have time to reply your post. I know that you have visited this page so many times for positive answer. Don’t worry; I also belong to the same category. Now, number of students who are going to Sweden on this August are gathering together to share some knowledge/ information to help/ support each other. I want to invite you and all those who are facing same problem to join the group. For further information mail to: studentinswedenATgmailDOTcom Bye!
  4. Hello! Any one there from Nepal in sweden at Dalarna University
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