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  1. Totally agree with previous poster, that exactly, I felt after login back to Chutari after long time. Mr./Mrs Admin could you please kindly turn off for Auto play. If my request is too much could you adjust some parameter on Member Profile section for music player auto play preference (if possilbe). Thank you very much for your hardwork.
  2. Well, you can search any type of project in SourceForge http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/
  3. [Though this post was old enough to reply but it might helpful for someone] Well, I guess you can't get student visa from Nepal for just to study some sort of certification courses in UK. It should be at least full time recognised degree(eg. HND, BSc, MSc & others as appropriate) awarding insititute(collage, university) For more information visit government Department for Education. http://www.dfes.gov.uk/recognisedukdegrees/index.cfm
  4. Legal Free E-book to download ( Some of best book site I like) Well, this is my first post after long exile from WNSO, want to impress you guys . http://www.computer-books.us/ http://www.database-books.us/ http://www.java-books.us/ http://www.linux-books.us/ http://www.business-software-books.us/ http://www.cad-cam-books.us/ Adobe Apollo free book ( My late night hack(technology) these day) http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Apollo:Books Additional resource: Free Alpha preview movie about apollo http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modPage.asp?id=378 Open source is my religion, some of my favourite Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/defau...16&mode=toc Bruce Perens' Open Source Series http://www.phptr.com/promotions/promotion....edir=1&rl=1 Time pass section... just to remind myself on my university day, I usually visit MIT OpenCourseWare http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Global/all-cours...ComputerScience http://videolectures.net/ Lately, I obsess with scripting language including Ruby, Phyton, Groovy/grails and Rails Framework http://www.sapphiresteel.com/The-Little-Book-Of-Ruby http://www.infoq.com/minibooks/ruby http://www.b-simple.de/documents http://poignantguide.net/ruby/whys-poignan...ide-to-ruby.pdf http://www.infoq.com/minibooks/grails Others http://www.infoq.com/minibooks/vsnettt Software Engineering for Internet Applications (Online html version) http://philip.greenspun.com/seia/ More latter............
  5. After long time back to WNSO Chautari........ Still busy for final year project........... Following are the non broken links, to bhote Bhagawan Das Manandar...... Vote for Bhagwan Das Manandhar to win International Sustainable Award: ->http://facing-sustainability.org/cgi-bin/voting_contribution.pl?lang=en&id=174
  6. Thanks for input..... I am very sorry that unable to manage to attend coming Sunday meeting. My buddy already planned to visit Edinburgh on Saturday evening..... hope to meet all of you in near future soon.
  7. Hi WNSO family, After a year absent, I log in @WNSO. I found many incredible progressed in side WNSO. Keep it up guys.... to rock the NEPE-CY-WORLD. Visiting to Scottland on Saturday evening .........via London........from South.. Want to meet any Londoner WNSOtizen if possible saturday afternoon.... Just send me message.......... Thinking to move to Scottland @ Edinburgh. ..... being fed up to lived @ south nearly 2 years......going to North..................moving from bottom to top. Any WNSOtizen, styding in Edinburgh, Scottland? Pls leave a message here.......... Cheers........
  8. Hi Sankar & Pokhrel Ji, YSGNET* stand for : Young Software Group Network, a virutal cyber community of young programmer, student and networking professional from the globe. U don't need to register to join YSGNET* phorum. Well, U can have a time to browse YSGNET site. I hope I can share my knowledge and experience to both side too. --Raru
  9. Hi Buddy, This is Infroamtion Age, but get right information need to associate with right peer. While studying(regarding to any fields) find your respective professional buddy. Join on of them and plan your coming future. Its help alot for your research works and provide better undrstanding 4 your future professional life. U can join national level, international level professional society. They have different membership for student, graudate and professional. Specially, I'm interest and my study and carrer in COMPUTING field. I'm student member of following professional society and greatly benifeted from its. http://www1.bcs.org.uk/ British Computer Society http://www.computer.org/ IEE Computer Society. Serach more information on web for related society for others field and join them. Sharing my open secret 4 success. Good Luck buddy. --Raru
  10. Last Christmas, I had wonderful X-mas break with British Host family in South-coast, near Playmouth. I spend whole one week to there home and had opportunity to learn and be familar with British Culture, language and many more. You can join anytime and get those experience while studing in UK. It free for International Student. To learn more, visit following site and get real experience. http://www.hostuk.org Good luck buddies. --Raru
  11. Hi Folks, I guess some of U already know YSGNET* and it is not new in cyber-space. It has already celebrating 6 years. Dedicate to aspiring young Nepali IT buddies. U can find many intersting IT article and new technology information news (ZerOne Online Mag). Also your IT problem soultion, range from OS to programming related. To make better IT in Nepal and strength your self : You are welcome in YSGNET* Just Go Ahead.. http://www.ysgnet.com/phorum/ http://www.ysgnet.com/ -- Raru
  12. QUOTE (santos @ Feb 25 2003, 06:08 PM) hello everyone, It's not been long that I joined WNSO, and I have been surfing through this site a LOT in these pat few days. I must say that the moderators have come up with a very very good discussion platform for students from all over the world. I was pleased to see the active participation from many members who always have something to suggest when anyone is in trouble. I am a new arrival in the UK (it's only been a month that I am here), and I want to say a few things which I have come to know about education in the UK, and what I think prospective students clamouring to come to the UK for further studies should be fully aware of. Comments and any ammendments are welcome 1. University fees in the UK for overseas students is very expensive. DO NOT expect to pay your tuition fees by doing a part time job. Please try to arrange for funding from back home though part time job is not difficult to get in the UK and as I have seen, the regulations of working within the 20 hrs limit per week has not been made strict yet. But keep in mind, you will be compromising your education. 2. Whatever the universities or colleges say about the living expenses, please keep in mind you will be spending that much unless you are sharing your living amnedities with friends. 3. There are colleges in the UK, that are there only for the sake of visas. Those are better called 'VISA STUDENT' colleges. Please BE AWARE of these type of institutions (most of them do not even have an office) 4. Not all degrees in the UK are recognized ones, esp. of colleges, though there are some very good colleges. For that, the British Cpuncil would be the best place to find out. You wouldn't like to waste your money, time and expertize for 3-4 years and find out that your degree is valueless. But the bottom line fact is that if you get an education from a reputed british educational institute, your degree will be valuable through out life and will be respected by many job enterpuners throughout the world. But, to keep yourself in the panoroma, please do not think that coming to the UK will be sufficient........ MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION........ Coming over here for the namesake of coming to Britain may value to nothing in the long run. Hi Folks, I agree with Santosh. Studying in UK is very expensive but worth of money in term of facility we got here. Doing part-time job and study is not easy, as I experienced now. It's my six month being UK student. Some of UK University also grant direct entry to second or final year for BSc(Hons) course if your have previous recognize qualification + experience. Some of Uk university already starts online course so you can also do previous 2 years online course in Nepal and come UK for final year. I don't know its for all field but for COMPUTING, if anyone wish to get direct entry to final or second year in UK University, I can write more in next posting. Following link of Department of Education. List of recognised universities and colleges, who can offer UK degress. http://www.dfes.gov.uk/recognisedukdegrees...es/wcoukd.shtml Good Luck. Raru...
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