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  1. If you are a trouble shooter and know some basics about windows registry and wanna learn some tips and tricks then here are some registry tweaks manual that you can refer to. It is a basic version. More tips will be added soon. If you have any post them in the blog. www.ishan-solution.blogspot.com Thanx
  2. May be its just another dream when the angel fly down the sky. With her soothing breath breezing through your ear she makes you fly so high.. Preety as she is, killer her eyes. Shimmering beauty of her's glitters beyond the skies. O' beauty of my dream come and embrace this pain. touch your heart and tell me this love of yours is not in vain.
  3. O' rainfall, beautiful rainfall pour down on me. Shower thou blessing and engrave me in thee. Deep down this earth thou love be blessed Understand the meaning of words yet to be expressed. With thou touch dead soul shall rise again. and with thou kiss wish no more for heaven. So hold my hand and together we shall fly. Like no birds and no clouds up above so high.
  4. ujjwal the link that you provided http://rapidshare.de/files/33543112/Hirens...tCD.8.4.CPR.rar is broken. so plz check the link.
  5. Joey called Jimmy her best friend. Jimmy broke her heart never to be mend. Jimmy says sorry o' sorry. Joey cries all her eyes blurry. He didn't mean to call her names though. how much sad he is how could he show. Jimmy is low now regretting his sin. How could joey forget what a **** he has been
  6. ishwor(ishan)

    Sad Story

    A boy was madly in love with a girl Though he didn't wanna make a call The girl liked another boy She seemed to be enjoying her own joy Days passed by and nights went blank when the boy proposed she thought it was a prank The boy got mad day by day We're just friends was all she could say. The day came when things fell apart. Who knew love could bring such a hazard. One day the boy died with all his despair. Not a drop of tear nor did she care
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