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  1. Dear Kamal and Yogesh jee as well all concerned, I am an abyss of glad for encouragement, assurance and inspiration. I would always treasure them. I haven't been actually aloof from WNSO despite the fact I the days have been bit of hectic which put me under compulsion to remain absent in WNSO. Finally, I would like to let you know all that I have been in WNSO with not mala fide intention. I have been always loved WNSO and try my best to spare bit of my leisure time with WNSO to learn something. The time circumstances are the main stems which avert entire scenario. We all have to contemplate with all those. Once again I would like to express my whole hearted thanks and gratitude’s to all for your kind co-operation and assistance. Have a great time...I will try to join whenever I will have spare time!
  2. Dear all concerned with WNSO, Due to bit of hectic days in the past couple of weeks I am unable to pop up Chautari. It is of course my great pleasure to rejoin again. However, I have found that many of new initiatives and outcome have been taken by admin. My heart is abundant with unbearable pain and sufferings to see all those. To the best of my knowledge, I have not endeavoured to take such step advertently. I have tried my best to walk in WNSO with my integrity as well as with bona fide intention. However, I rejoice that there might have some discrepancies which have been occurred inadvertently from my part. I do respect the verdict taken by admin. Therefore, I would like express my sincere apology to admin as well as all the members may have been intervened or distressed. Needless to say, we all are different finger of a wrist, we have to be united. Indeed, we have an increased responsibility to protect and preserve our WNSO at all the times. Thanking you very much indeed for your kind co-operation which has been bestowed upon me for which I am highly delighted and indebted too. I will be trying to see you guys whenever I will have leisure time. Have a great time! Sajan
  3. Dear Sanskar Jee, Many thanks for your comments. I would request you to not reply on my this topic as you have said you are tired. This is only a one way post allright. Do you think anyone can pretends of sleeping without sleeping ? Yes there are chances to them who really think someone on that way. On the other hand, sometimes you have to oppose the majority with logic facts any way just leave it. I know an I can see that , admin has clearly mentioned that GM has got right to reply, edit or delete in news section by default. Did you see that default word ? It has multifarious meaning. Once it has been barred for replying there is some logic reason. But if it repeats again than there shall be also opportunity to ask why it is ? Someone can answer on nice way, there is the fact. That's all I mean to say. Once again I would request you to not to reply in this topic please. As you have too said you are tired. I am extremely sorry for making you tired but not advertently. Many thanks !
  4. sajan

    Advice for Girls

    None of them in the list seem to be the best. If someone compares these with an IT expert than obviousally an IT expert is the best. But there are some demerits of an IT expert as well aren't there ? It was really confusing while choosing. Many thanks !
  5. Hi there ! Nice pictures ! They all lokk abysmal of cool !
  6. Dear Sanskar Jee, Many thanks for your comments. For your kind reference, the PM which has been sent to you has been sent to admin as well. On the other hand, we can see from the "Name and Shame Policy", admin can log on any one's a/c and see what's going on. Which means nothing we do is secret. Please note that, the PM which had been sent to you yesterday was just a formal acknowledgement from my part for your open comments. No only you everyone can see what I have written on my PM ? Is it look like personal attack ? If it looks like than, can anyone tell me so that I can confess for apology ? But without any logic reason if someone rebuffs you than how can you tolerate ? I have explicitly given you the reason why I have sent mass PM ? It is good for WNSO. It is in favour of WNSO. It has a moral purpose. If still it is not allow to write than please inform me I will not attempt to write in the days ahead to come. But I have been frequently observing that admin always says he/she wants open/real/true comments. Furthermore, if I am really a massive burden for WNSO and they really want to block me for forever than it's up to them. They can have got right to block. But I don't see any logic reason behind that blockade. However, I do know what has happen with me and others too. Any way, this is just innate exam. who does he/she gets. Sanskar jee, I too always opt open and logic comments rather than biased comments. WHat brings few of the members out in against across the Chautari ? Its' of course right , reasonable and entirely understandable hatred of such dispute. Ideed, its' for moral purpose and I do respect that. I have explicitly provided you the pragmatic reason - the PM is based in favour of WNSO. It says that it is trying to stop missusing of WNSO policy by highly dignified member. There are appropriate 05 exam. of such things. Which is of course breach of WNSO policy. Needless to say, there is another reason why I feel so staunchly about this PM ? The moral step for moral facts. Its' just the moral step for restraining anyone who breaches WNSO policy. Therefore, I request to all the respected members to understand this. I too do not want to be unpopular. But sometimes its' just a price of transparent and truth feelings and comments. I would be glad if any member will let me comment, I had used irrelevant words, language etc. which were related to personal attack in that PM. Hope to hear from you all.
  7. Dear Admin Jee, Its my great pleasure to have some addition on your post. You have used an acute of "libellous words" to me. This is not a very good example of senior administrative or highly dignified post holder which has impressed very much to all the members of WNSO. You have said in your TOS, Disclaimer that any members can use WNSO's facility without going beyond an ambit of WNSO. I rejoice that, I have utterly followed it. You have also said in "Blaming and Flaming" section that personal attack are not welcomed in WNSO. But I am sorry to mentioned that you being a senior personality of WNSO has used not only bad word but an abusive, libellous words (Terrorist and culprit) to as general member of WNSO i.e me. Which are an exemplary example of personal attack. I do not find that I have committed such a enormous crime to get such an immense punishment. I have said the right things which all members can see it. You have also said that I have concealed my identity by sending PM. Whereas I have sent my first PM to MT - Member who is a part of Admin team, so how come I have concealed my identity ? I have got an experience that if someone posts any post which may be genuine but against the team is a worst victim of circumstances especially by you. Therefore, I would urge you to launch a new rules and regulations by mentioning that any sort of comments eventhough which is genuine and pragmatic but will be against team is not allowed to post in Chautari. So that I will understand that its' out of WNSO periphery. Despite the fact you always mention that you liberalise to any members to post anything by sticking in WNSO policy and also punish them without any reason. Furthermore, PM has been sent for as a moral case against using prerogative right in irrelevant place which is for moral purpose for WNSO. I do not really think that it vandalises WNSO. For your kind information, the PM text is pasted by Dotcom jee where you can see whether I have used any abusive language or post may belong to personal attack. If yes, than would you please advise me for which I would be highly glad and indebted too. I am severely sorry for any sort of inconvenience. Many thanks for your comments !
  8. If this is so than its' too bad Avee jee. GD Adhikari jee you should not leave him should you ? Do not take it otherwise Avee jee just kidding kya.
  9. Your welcome Avee Jee ! I will to attempt to pop up these destination when I will be back to the Himalayan Kingdom.
  10. sajan

    ha ha ha!

    Is it Avee Jee ? That's a great idea isn't it ? Plenty of thanks allright ! Have a great time.
  11. Hi Pooja, The snaps are really exciting. Its really a surprise for me to see that these are from Hannover. They look like taken from Kathmandu don't they ? Avee Jee, " ROSE" is her pet name kya. She likes calling by ROSE. Many thanks for presenting nice pictures in Chautari.
  12. Dear all concerened, Up to now 33 members have voted in poll out of about 1500 members. Its' too my earnest appeal to all the members to participate in voting and express their open feelings. Chautari really needs such kinds of atmosphere. With regard to majority, I do sometimes dissent with it. Sometimes majority can be obscure. Therefore, I rejoice that we have to go through the expressions, fact points and conclusion of dispute. I do hope WNSO-Admin board has that standing committee to discuss over these in a bid to take final verdict. This is what my opinion is so far I feel. Once again many thanks to all !
  13. Yeah ! it looks like the spans have been taken in a street while rally is heading towards Hyde Park. There was an immense mass in Hyde Park. The snaps were taken in park has been published in Guardian etc. Its' probably the biggest protest in the British History isn't it ?
  14. Himal Dai, It may be possible to get Tsering Gyalzen's e-mail address either from NEPAL TOURISM BOARD or DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, Bhrikutimandap Kathmandu Nepal. I will try to send an e-mail message to NTB nonight. Many thanks !
  15. Dear Sanskar jee, Many thanks for good suggestion. There is no point that its not too harsh to digest because its' really fruitful for WNSO. We have to have an open expressions to lead upwards. But sometimes, it becomes unpopularity. Which is of course an immense price of transparent and truth expression of feelings and comments. Once again many thanks for your bracing suggestions which shall be valuable for all of us.
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