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  1. hahaha .... i liked it ..... nice idea for finding suitable gifts.... Xmas is just round the corner and i hope this idea will come in handy ... .lolss
  2. Great effort... good luck to him and yes, we would like to help as much as we could. Does anybody know when he will be reaching the UK?
  3. Dear Bimal it was indeed very nice to meet you here in London. it feels really nice to meet a fellow chautarian...... WNSO has become a good platform for student around the globe to meet and talk and socialise..... online and in person.. hoping to see some more chautarians.... if anybody is planning to visit London then please drop in a line..
  4. dear Bimal i live in the Greenwich area as well... so i can come to meet you any time.... just drop in some line here or drop an email to me at sachinsth at the rate hotmail.com cheers
  5. Here is the team........ players wearing jerseys with www.wnso.org imprinted ...
  6. Here is one photo......... players with the WNSO banner.
  7. Dear all, As before, WNSO sponsored Greenwich Youth Football Club (gyfc) this year as well, to participate in the Yeti Cup 2008. The team reached the semi-final and lost to Sahara in the tie-breaker (1-2). Sahara ultimately won this year's yeti cup. Our goal keeper Susan Maharjan won the "player of the tournament" award. You can view all the photos by clicking in the following link: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/sthsachin/YetiCup2008 yeti cup photos cheers
  8. Happy Birthday !!!!! May all your dreams come true.......
  9. Hello sabin ACCA has got two routes of entry: Professional route and the mature students entry route. In the professional route, you will need to have passed class 12 or equivalent to get entry to ACCA, or if you are a mature student i.e. aged over 25 then you can get the entry straight away. But, if you have done +2 Bio then you might not get entry as they will need Maths as one of your subjects in class 12. Details about this can be found at http://www.accaglobal.com/ and you can register through this website too. The course is of about 2 and half years if you are starting from scratch. If you have done BBS then you might get some exemption and hence the course duration will be shorter. please do not hesitate to ask if you need further information.
  10. Wonderful.... Great job done WNSO Nepal... let's keep it up...... I think, if we keep these facts in the forefront of our campaign of any sort, it will make a great impact. Let's move this thread to the public forum, shall we? or we can continue discussions of these sorts in the public forum.
  11. After we transfer this to the public forum, we might be able to get some more comments......... what say?
  12. sachin


    Yesterday's game, POR 0 - SUI 2 CZE 2 - TUR 3
  13. Bharat sir and Yadav sir, Many Thanks for the wonderful reply. I really like the answer, esp, "Social transformation through quality education, volunteerism and capacity building of youth"....... I would like to make two points here: a. Is it possible to transfer this to the general forum? I am sure a lot of people out there would ike to know the answer to this..... b. Regarding the scholarships WNSO Nepal provides internally to the under-privileged ones in Nepal, if WNSO Nepal could send us some progresses apart from the abstract feeling of achievement, then that would really help our case of fund-raising and make it more convincing. cheers,
  14. Dear friends, i am sorry to say but at times, i ask to myself, why are we doing these fund raisings for? I would be really glad if somebody could provide a convincing answer......
  15. sachin

    WCL Division 5

    kasto khaal ko game raichha yo? khaali goal post maa khelne rahechha ki ke ho?
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