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  1. तिमी घरबाट हिंडे पछी आँखाहरुले झरनाको रूप लिए, मन बदलियो मरूभूमी चर्म मा, भावनाहरुको चक्रव्यूह संभावनाहरुको मृत्‍यु, खरानीको रंग सीत अलमल्ली रहेका पलहरु, चोटको विकराल रूप मृत्‍युसंग लडाईं, ढुंगा सरी मन मैनवत्ती झै पग्लिनु, यही मात्र रह्यो मेरो बाँकी जीवन, तिमी घरबाट हिंडे पछी । आयशा शाह ग्वालियर (म. प्र.) भारत.
  2. That's a cool one. Thank you for sharing the poem here. My compliment to Lara ji.
  3. हर कुनै फूल सुन्दर हुँदैन हर कुनै मोती चम्किदैन , मन हेरेर मात्रै साथी बनाउनु हर कुनै व्यक्ती साथी हुँदैन।
  4. Please, wait few days more. I am finding a solution with the help of my own university professor and other colleagues. I will try to get back to you soon. Please, be a patient. By the way, Mohini is also right.
  5. That's a good work Suman ji but when I click the link, it says "Service Unavailable". I think, you are maintaining the website. I wish to see your complete website soon.
  6. That's a good work Suman ji but when I click the link, it says "Service Unavailable". I think, you are maintaining the website. I wish to see your complete website soon.
  7. Hi there, Teacher evaluation and past school record को लागि समस्या छैन र त्यो सब बनाउन सकिन्छ यदी तपाईंले पढ्नु भएको गैर सरकारी स्कुल वा कालेज नियमित (regular) हो भने। But it's very hard to have a teacher evaluation and past school record to them who had their SSC and HSC from private classes. त्यो पनि गर्न सकिन्छ तर अली खर्च लाग्न सक्छ। तपाईंको समस्या फेरी एक पटक यहाँ खुलस्त गर्नुहोस्, त्यसपछी अरु सल्लाह दिन सक्छौ। तपाईंले पढ्नु भएको स्कुल र कालेज संबन्धी फेरी प्रस्ट रुपमा खुलस्त गर्नुहोस्।
  8. Policy Year Assigned Risk ......may also ok!!
  9. दुल्हा ढुडने गई थी पर जितने भि मिले वह सब के सब लंगडे और बहरे थे। te...hehe सिर्फ लंगडे और बहरे.....? उनमे से कोइ अंधा नही था क्या ?
  10. Naam chahi court marriage tara central distric office ma gayera garne prachalan dherai purano ho. Bhai bhardar haru bich mai gopya rakhne tara Kanooni tarikale bibah garne chalan ho yo ra yo 2007 saal aghi dekhi nai suru ho. Tara ahile CDO Office janu parchha tyo kura satya ho. Bhannu parda, naam matrai feriyo tara tarika feriyena. Desh le dherai anuhar feryo tara swarth le bhane eutai anuhar banai rakhyo. Nepal ma central district office ma gayera bibaah garnulai pani court marriage bhaninchha ra ahile pani tyasaika adharma gariraheka chhan BUT in real sense, that is not called court marriage. There are many people in Nepal who have had done directly through by court. A good discussion shows a way to better things, so cheers friends!
  11. If so then let's prepare that Balloon for next HOLLY.
  12. Oh God! I can't do stop myself This is really hilarious. Kata kata bata payeko ho yasto DIMAG? The last line is really funny.
  13. Wow! She is also with you hmm! You guys are having a good time in Lucknow. Come here too, Train time is 7:30 pm (Rajdhani) to Gwalior.
  14. To AdityaDhanraaj Shahi. Many happy returns of the day!
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