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  1. EUROPEAN UNION ERASMUS MUNDUS SCHOLARSHIPS FOR NEPALESE STUDENTS - Bachelors, Masters, Phd, Post Doc Levels Erasmus Mundus Europe Asia (EMEA) is a scholarship programme for students on undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral level as well as for university staff in academic or administrative positions, financed by the European Commission. The scholarship programme is open to nationals in Nepal, Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan who want to study or work at one of the European partner universities. The on-line application is open between November 1 - December 15, 2010. More details, click on the link: http://nepalscholarships.com/2010/11/erasmus-mundus-scholarships-for-nepalese-2011/
  2. My advise would be to apply to a UK Government College or a UK University if you are looking for quality education in UK. Specially for Masters, do not spend your valuable money and time at a private college!! The Bachelors courses start from £4000 and Masters courses start from £7,000 at UK Government Colleges and Universities; which is only a very little money more than paying the fees to a "college". If you will need further information, I would be happy to help.
  3. Deadline: 31 July 2010 Mingma Norbu Sherpa Memorial Scholarships are available for Nepali students interested in pursuing a Masters Degree at Lincoln University, New Zealand. Applicants from remote mountain regions and women are encouraged to apply. Fields of Study Master in Natural Resource Management or Master in Parks, Recreation and Tourism More information, click here : http://nepalscholarships.com/2010/07/mingma-norbu-sherpa-memorial-scholarship-for-deserving-nepali-student-2010/
  4. Welcome indeed Dipesh. Yes, I hope the news will be shared to as many nepalese students as possible so that the best and derserving candidate gets the scholarship. It is a wonderful opportunity.
  5. International Scholarship for Nepali Masters Graduate Scholarship for Project on post-conflict governance in Nepal Research oppportunity in Ghent University, Belgium For further information click here: http://nepalscholarships.com/2010/07/scholarship-for-project-on-post-conflict-governance-in-nepal/
  6. brilliant website for Nepalese students http://NepalScholarships.com
  7. Check this website for Nepali Movies, Live Nepali TV, Nepali Serials and other Videos. Also for typing in Nepali from romanized English. http://नेपाल.tv
  8. Very good Thirdpole! Lately, I have also started hearing more and more cases of visa refusal of the students admitted to these cheap colleges even if they are A rated. These colleges infact earn thousands of pounds every intake by only charging the "ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS" of around 150-250 pounds from each students while returning their deposit money back after visa refusal from the embassy. So,in both case these colleges are in a win-win situation. If the visa is refused, they still have the money and if the visa is given (very rarely!) then they will have the fees and as thirdpole said they threaten the students etc... Regarding Chamatkari baba's post: I think students are not always able to check if the college is reputed or no. All colleges have well made website with pictures from big ben and what not, that makes them look like a pro. If you say to check UK Visa website - all these colleges are A Rated colleges for Tier 1 visa sponsor list. THE MAIN REASON MOST STUDENTS REGRET LATER ON IS : choosing cheap college. "cheap" is the magic word in Nepal and students dont care about if the visa will be refused or not. Or if even the visa is granted what kind of qualification are they gaining? Will that help their legal stay in UK? Will that help them to go back to Nepal or elsewhere to work if they wish later on? Will it even qualify for the post qualification work scheme in UK? Well, many students dont think about that and the only thing they think is to go to UK and thats it and they dont care about the rest. I am not telling about all the students but most of cases I have seen is sad but like this....
  9. Hi sujan, yes the case is same, but atleast americanos has a few experienced teachers and are affiliated to a few international universities.. but similar to kasa, students future is in danger with college over shops (and sometimes pubs!!) here in UK. I have inspected a few colleges myself since Anthony Dai and I are trying to operate a non-profit educational consultancy (without charging consultancy fees & providing only genuine first hand information) in Kathmandu assisting students only for UK, and my god these colleges are shame. Some of the principals even dont know how to speak proper English!!!
  10. REGULAR BLOG FROM ANTHONY SLARK (DAI) WHO IS A BRITISH CITIZEN AND LIVES IN BALAMBU WITH HIS WIFE AND FAMILY. Yesterday and the day before I was chatting for hours with students in facebook who are interested in studying abroad. They have no idea of all the cheating that is going on here in Kathmandu and the UK. Basically it is like this. There are lots of bogus colleges, mainly in the London area where the standard of education is very, very low. These colleges are set up by unscrupulous Asians and Africans with the sole intention of making money. Some of them are no more than some rooms above shops in scruffy areas of London. The students here must get very shocked ................ (To read more view his blog) http://hungrydai.multiply.com/journal/item/553/Shocking_things_about_studying_in_the_UK_news_from_my_home_in_Kathmandu http://www.hungrydai.multiply.com Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk facebook ID www.facebook.com/anthony.slark Yahoo Messenger:- anthonyslark Phone:- 98416-57083
  11. Hi all, Do anyone know about Taxback after leaving the UK? If someone leaves the UK permanently, is he/her allowed to claim all the taxes back? Or is it only the amount if earned below 'tax allowance' ??
  12. Sorry Ozaswee to reply late ! But there wasnt any scholarship opportunities.
  13. Thanks Dipesh and E-major . It has indeed been a long time !
  14. Good one for Nepal!!! I thought it was somewhere nearby me and was exited to find out! But no worries, I am attending the 'Winter School on Peace and Global Develoment' organised by Tischner European University (www.peacestudies.pl) And if someone is interested: This summer UHI is hosting an international summer school on rural policy - the "International Comparative Rural Policy Studies" Summer School. This will last for 2 weeks in June-July, and be based in Inverness College UHI and Sabhal Mor Ostaig UHI. The School brings together post-graduate students and young professionals, with academics and practitioners, from across Europe, the Americas and elsewhere. More details are in the attached brochure, and basic information is on the UHI website at ICRPS summer school 2009 It is organised by my university - UNIVERSITY OF HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS MILLENNIUM INSTIUTE and INTERNATIONAL COMPARATIVE RURAL POLICY STUDIES. It a major international summer school for rural policy practitioners and graduate students. Please note that the application deadline is 13th of Febrary 2009.
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