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  1. I agree with Shima that that Divorce rate won't justify the happiness. BTW it is hard to measure happiness in either case. I am just trying to defend our culture of arrange marriage and ppl have a wrong conception regarding it.
  2. what about arranged marriage with different religion... Did it happen to anyone?just a curiosity! I love arranged marriage since my love marriage with an american girl just broke up on last week........ Well I 'm looking for serious arrange d marriage ...what you said?
  3. well you can give me more then two times...there is no fair game in election...
  4. I prefer arrange marriage with mutual understanding of both bride and groom. and I oppose caste system but it exist everywhere in the world. I am not trying get excuses just by telling that every other country got some kind of issue but just a remark that we as a whole world facing the similar situation like cadste system. We know the percentage of divorce rate in western countries compare to asia. It is nothing wrong to do a arraged marriage but if you love someone then you should let it down at all... Peace
  5. I wanna be next PM ...WHo is ready give me vote..Or should ask our beloved king?????????? Peace
  6. I don't believe that there is god. GOd is just a creation my human. . No one has ever seen this and knows the reality; we are living in this illusion of the belief that makes us feel better or relief in any condition.
  7. I agree with didi. Sucide tendency can occured due to a various reasons esp. with terrible incident in ones life. well I don't know you but, Just try to make yourself as much busy as you can. DO something that you like the most. If you have these kinds of fellings then talk to someone whom you can trust or therapist is even better. Life is worth much more than you think. If it is not for U than for other who care about you....SO its not a joke....SUcide tendency is a serious problem....
  8. I will recommend to talk to banker in person. I rather use polite words and apology for your carelessness.Its your responsibility to check the balance. But things already happened..So its is best for ur side to deduct those charges for overdraft. I am sure they can do it with valid reasons. I have done that couple of times. Just let them know this is your First and last time and you didn't realized that your balance is nil or so...&&.keep your words as well...
  9. Its same way like we are writing in english..Its not the languge that will make you more patriotic....I really don't mind the means of communication....I don' mean to criticize your arguments but we kow that we love to watch hindi movies..songs..food, clothes. and many more..Any valid reasons why its wrong to write in HIndi beside you don't like it?
  10. I don't understand why nepalese ppl are travelling in IraQ ...just becoz of work or something else?
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