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  1. Hi Still waiting...we can help you when you arrive in Australia....waiting I can cook nepalese food :-) David
  2. Hi Seem to have trouble finding a student.....have to say also if you would like to have a start in Australia...contact us (female only) My wife did a course in childcare...that is a good course and you can study at home if you like...although you have to go to childcare centre for practical..who knows you might get a job...my wife did!!!!! Dont be shy...Im sure we can help you Imagine living in Australia (lovely parks to walk, lovely weather, lovely city of Brisbane) with a nice couple Anyway take care and contact me if interested Im a nurse Im good at negotiating Bye David
  3. Hi Bharat Thnks for the kind words....I have reconsidered and once again my wife and I will offer accomodation, I can't let a bad expereience spoilt it for NICE people...just a couple of things out of that experience - My wife and I are offereing genuine accomodation with a nice home environment, there is no secret agenda driving our motivation to do this its purely a kind thing to do and its always interesting to meet new people. - Its impolite to question (probe) into my marriage/relationship with my wife. - Its impolite to leave me wating for a reply if you are no longer interested. - We will provide a home environment not a palace. - Be humble not arrogant So if you are a nice female student coming to/or in Brisbane please consider my offer...finally Maybe best to have dinner with me and my wife to meet us and discuss things over dinner..I think you will discover we are nice people. And the dogs are friendly :-) Regards David
  4. Hi This offer is now closed my wife and I are no longer offering accomodation. David
  5. Hi Seems the only responses I have had to my original post are not of good intent...they have been by private message.... one from mignulikz spamming me about viagra and one from babyloveth claiming to be from Senegal wanting a relationship Perhaps the powers to be here at Nepali Students Chautari Forum would like to delete the two accounts as above...they are wasting my time and obviously have no intention of doing anything positive here. David
  6. Hi There has been some interest shown in my original post..thanks for that...but!!!....please be aware my wife and I as per my original post have asked for a single female....this will not be negotiable...we cannot afford to support a couple..we are a married couple and having another couple with us will be difficult for us...please respect this..we do hope there is a single female student we can help come to Australia and start a new life here with my wife and I, we would love you like a daughter. Thankyou David
  7. Offer is still open....and I meant to say the location of our house here in Brisbane would suit Southbank TAFE student Logan TAFE is too far away. David
  8. Ive given some good advice for you to consider...please contact me ASAP David
  9. Hi Sony I have mailed you Regards David
  10. Hi My name is David and I live in Brisbane, Australia along with my wife of 11 years, neither of us are Nepalese, I was born in Australia I am 43 and my wife is Filipino she is 37. I am a registered nurse and have many Nepalese friends and my wife and I sponsor a child in Nepal...so I guess we have a Neplaese connection, which is nice. Anyway, we live in a nice house in Brisbane, which has spare rooms.....we would like to offer a room to a Nepalese...clean carpeted room with own shower and toilet and use of all things in the house..ie cooking, television, internet etc etc. We have two dogs which are friendly....so...what are we looking for... - female (my wife would like a companion, nice for her to chat) - non - smoker - clean tidy person Please genuine enquiries only, Brisbane is a lovely city and many Nepalese here, my wife and I will do our best to help settle here. Our house is approximately 17kms from city centre, not that close to public transport but within walking distance. So if you want to come to Australia seems to be alot of nurses coming from Nepal, so perhpaps this may be of interest for a nurse but it doesn't matter if you are not. And this is good opportunity to live with a couple and not a crowded house with 12 people living in it. So if interested please PM Regards David
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