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  1. ramkharel

    You think..!!!

    Thanks for the compliments !!
  2. ramkharel

    You think..!!!

    You think...!!! You think I am a fool, don’t you? You think I am a stupid; how dare you? Treating me as a blind man and Cheating me was so easy then As I was pretending not to be known All those games behind the curtain, And you still think I am a dumb and always you started to take me in wrong ways You think I am so fussy for these days Like a dead leaf falling from tree, you think me dead and useless All my care and love for your freaky face The way you’re taking seems all you’ve is “hate” May be you have someone with you nowadays Playing game behind me is so easy in that case You may think I am still in love with you, And you can hide all your privacy, don’t you? Such a hypothetical - in your way It’s your life “whatever you do” entirely it’s up to you Despite gimmicks, I ‘m the same person still I love you!!! ____________RAM KHAREL,LONDON.
  3. Bachna ko lagi khane. Khana ko lagi bachne is essential, you don't want to deny that. 71556[/snapback] Khanai ko lagi banche... tara khana bina aru pani ta tamam kura haru commited chhan banchnalai hoina ta?
  4. 15 per hour?? cash? ummmmm yum yum... maile euto kura khusukka bhanchhu la... when they call u next time for NEPALI SPEAKERS then suttukka malai email garnu la.... ha ha !!! 71540[/snapback] Ok Kharel jee, But i don't have your e-mail address. 71558[/snapback] here u go: r_kharel@hotmail.com will check ur mail soon dun worry.... take care!
  5. 15 per hour?? cash? ummmmm yum yum... maile euto kura khusukka bhanchhu la... when they call u next time for NEPALI SPEAKERS then suttukka malai email garnu la.... ha ha !!!
  6. ha ha tyasaile ta malai sabai kura wonderful lagi raheko chha u know... it so wonderful..!!! thanks for ur comment!
  7. very nice one i like it.
  8. So Wonderful...!! I wonder you still love me Still hug me,Kiss me and call me Darling you are so dearer Kind and carer I do love you much more than ever But I deserve all that You still love me, hug me and kiss me You still call me baby and please me You are wonderful. Life is so wonderful Yeah it’s cool and joyful Walking thro' your smiles -life is beautiful I got you baby I am so grateful Without you, love wouldn’t be so useful Now I know you are the only ONE You are so wonderful. Pain isn’t a Pain when you are there Gain doesn’t make sense without your care I know you are a part of my heart and I belong to your soul I love you darling you’re so wonderful
  9. I dont think, we can change anything from power management of XP control panel for BIOS. 71374[/snapback] Thank you all for ur interest and valuable time given to my query. I really appreciate all reasonable and possible causes mentioned above. Though, I had to reboot again with recovery CDs and its working now. I have now No more sudden shutting down Problem.
  10. if its paid job why should I give a try huh??
  11. Exactly, obtaining VISA may not be a tough job but sometimes even if u follow all those points as u mentioned above people still failing to obtain a VISA. Before OBTAINING A grant for VISA ur rules is quite good enough and I m sure it will work for everyone but sometimes LUCK is also a FAVOURABLE as a plus thing to be considered.
  12. Funny CLIP 1: ->http://ramkharel.freewebpage.org/wwwboard/101.html Please copy the link and paste on ur browser to view the clip and click on the link title funny clip 1. thank you!
  13. Thanks for ur reply ujjwal ji. But the problem is it doesnt give any error nor warning messages before it shutting down. It just goes off suddenly. I have done vacuuming as well but same thing repeats again and again. This crap thing giving me so hard time u see. I have tried many ways but have no ideas what to do now. Once again thanks for ur possible reason and suggestions. what esle could be the reason u think? so far i was thinking the product key but i have genuine xp professional and Laptop was bought last year just on march'2004 but unfortunately it is giving me so headache now.
  15. Problem: My Laptop shuts down itself without any warning or anything. I have toshiba satellite a30 - 514 model of laptop runs with window xp professional though the original operating system was xp home edition and I replaced that with professional - clean installation. Now while running the laptop sometimes it shuts down in 10-15 mins or sometimes even in 1-2 hrs i dont know why its goes off like that as it never shows any message nor any kind of errors or warnings. Just before 3/4 seconds of shutting down it gives a bit high noise from the cpu fan and goes off like that. I would be very grateful if someone explains the reasonable cause and solution. Thanking you! ramkharel. london
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