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  1. Hi, Maritime Greenwich College is actually accredited private college. It has also been accredited by British Accreditation Council (BAC). Visit following link: BAC Website: ->http://www.thecapability.uk.com/bac/dbase/show_college.cfm?id=316
  2. I am completely disturbed by below pictures. How could politician use children in their demonstration???? This is not acceptable. I bet this girl hardly knows what she is doing. She is a kid. How can she judge what is right and what is wrong. She has no idea what is going on in our country except what her parents/guardians say. This is her time to go to school, get education. Nepalese politician has been so corrupted and irresponsible. They have been always using children and students in their demonstrations which is completely wrong. This is very sad to know that many schools and colleges in Nepal has been always targeted by politicians. How could our country get good products or leaders in future if the political demonstration always affected schools and colleges. The children & students; the future of our country would be only listening to corrupted leaders rather than being educated and able to make own judgements. It would never develop their knowledge. And, our country always has to suffer that it has been run by these types of people (products).
  3. You can not just blame FrontPage. It is very good tool for web designing. You can design professional-looking website with FrontPage. FrontPage has made life easier giving you MS Word interface which everyone knows how to use it. However, if you really wan't to make it your tool then use it in conjunction with Notepad. Once you finished the designing part on FrontPage, open that document on Notepad and delete the extra codes you want to and save it.
  4. I couldn't login to your website. There was PHP script error at the time I am writting this message.
  5. I wanted someone who is in London because it will be much easier to: work together, explaining requirements, cross-checking, arrange meetings, reporting progress etc.
  6. Hi Guys, I am working on a huge database oriented website project. Since I am very busy with my other stuffs I need someone to work with me to finish above project. If you have SQL database design & ASP integration knowledge you can be earning about £800 just working few hours from your home. This is great oppertunity to show you skill and make your CV strong as well. You must be located in London. Please email me at: rk@greenwichcollege.co.uk
  7. Hi, I am trying to update the shopping cart's asp code so that each time order is placed the full order details and price e.g. Invoice goes to the customers. Can anyone give me a valuable suggestion so that all the orders also can be sent by email. Following is the current codes which work perfectly fine and sends a simple email alert when order is placed. Please suggest me a modified code. Many thanks. ' Add new address & payment info updateUser ' Begin A Transaction Con.BeginTrans ' Transfer cart to orders table sqlString = "INSERT INTO orders (" &_ "order_id, " &_ "order_productID, " &_ "order_quantity, " &_ "order_userID, " &_ "order_entrydate, " &_ "order_status " &_ ") SELECT " &_ "cart_id, " &_ "cart_productID, " &_ "cart_quantity, " &_ "cart_userID, " &_ "NOW(), " &_ "0 " &_ "FROM cart WHERE " &_ "cart_userID =" & userID Con.Execute sqlString ' Empty shopping cart sqlString = "DELETE FROM cart " &_ "WHERE cart_userID=" & userID Con.Execute sqlString ' End the transaction Con.CommitTrans ' Send Email Notification sqlString = "SELECT user_username, user_email " &_ "FROM Users " &_ "WHERE user_id=" & userID Set RS = Con.Execute( sqlString ) Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender") Mail.Host = "email.bransonworldplc.com" Mail.FromName = "Branson Online Store" Mail.From = "info@bransonworldplc.com" Mail.AddAddress RS( "user_email" ) Mail.Subject = "Thank you for your order!" Mail.Body = "Dear " & RS( "user_username" ) &_ "!" & vbNewline &_ "Thank you for ordering through " &_ "Branson World PLC Website!" & vbNewline &_ "Your order has been successfully placed." & vbNewline &_ "PLEASE DELETE THIS EMAIL. THIS IS FOR TEST PURPOSE -RAJEN" On Error Resume Next Mail.Send %> Order Placed cellpadding=10 cellspacing=0 style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#111111"> Thank you for placing your order! You can track the status of your order at any time by clicking account at the top of most store pages.
  8. Hi, There is another best way of getting rid off the viruses from your computer. This finds all the latest virus in your computer and fixes as well. Sometimes it is better than Norton. GOOD NEWS! Its all free. You do not have to install whole program. Just go to following Trendmicro website and scan your computer via web browser. You may have to download their Active X. But its safe. Do it right now: House Call Virus Scan
  9. Another trick is saving file in .gif format. I also use Photoshop as an image creater tool on my website development work. Photoshop has best option which will enable to reduce picture's pallette or reduce the number of diffrent color used in the image. Results much less file size of the images.
  10. Hi E major, Thank you for your interest. Basically, I have problem with only two pages. 1. Form page: It has "while Not.EOF loop" which displays all the matching criteria products details from the access database adding checkbox which carry the value of productID. Once required product is selected e.g more than two products (I have no problem in buying only one product) it has to go to database's cart table at once. I tried creating array and loop of i = 0, I am succress to add all the selected records. Now the problem is I could add the products but there is qty box in the form, which value can not be added to the cart table. My form page code is this. Since I modified my code to add qty as well it doesn't work. If I completely ignore qty part and put value 1, it just add 1 qty. But I want to add quantity whatever is put in the box of form page. head code 'Get the Part Diagram partDiagram = TRIM( Request( "part" ) ) productCategory = TRIM( Request( "cat" ) ) ' Open the Database Connection Set Con = Server.CreateObject( "ADODB.Connection" ) Con.Open "accessDSN" 'Open the Recordset Set RS = Server.CreateObject( "ADODB.Recordset" ) RS.ActiveConnection = Con sqlString = "SELECT product_id, product_ref, product_code, product_desc, " &_ "product_qty, product_price, product_picture, model_picture " &_ "FROM Products WHERE part_diagram='" & partDiagram & "' " &_ "AND product_status=1 " &_ "AND product_category='" & productCategory & "' " &_ "ORDER BY product_code " RS.Open sqlString %> now part of body code Ref. No. Part Code Part Desc Qty Inc. Price $ Qty Req. Select WHILE NOT RS.EOF %> "> RS.MoveNext WEND %> 2. Now another page's (cart2.asp) code which receive the form's value and try add to the database: ' Add Item to cart arrRecipients = split(Request.Form("pid"),", ") productQty = split(Request.Form("qty"),", ") for i = LBound(arrRecipients) to UBound(arrRecipients) IF arrRecipients(i) "" THEN sqlString = "SELECT cart_id FROM cart " &_ "WHERE cart_userID=" & userID & " " &_ "AND cart_productID=" & arrRecipients(i) SET RS = Con.Execute( sqlString ) IF RS.EOF THEN sqlString = "INSERT INTO cart ( " &_ "cart_userID, " &_ "cart_productID, " &_ "cart_quantity " &_ ") VALUES ( " &_ userID & ", " &_ arrRecipients(i) & ", " &_ productQty & " )" ELSE sqlString = "UPDATE cart SET " &_ "cart_quantity=cart_quantity+" & productQty & " " &_ "WHERE cart_id=" & RS( "cart_id" ) END IF RS.Close SET RS = Nothing Con.Execute sqlString END IF next %> Many thanks,
  11. Hi, I am trying to do an e-commerce site. I have a form page which has multiple rows of products the visitor want to buy. Once the requried item is selected with checkbox this has to be sent (data = qty & pid ) to an access table. I have managed to send products (pid) but not quatity (qty) with for i =.... loop. Anyone can help me to create loop which sends both values (pid & qty) to the database. Your help will be highly appreciated.
  12. Thanks, the pictures were great and very impresive. The role of the Nepalese politician especially big parties are disgusting. Only thing they are worry about is chair... I hope all Nepalese have understood it by now.
  13. Floyd Rd, Charlton Gone ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich Still Available
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