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  1. As we all know, the new immigration rules enforced by the UK government from 10th of February 2010 have tried to undermine the contributions of over five billion pounds made to the UK economy by foreign students. These new rules have also imposed considerable problems to overseas students. So, to draw the attention of the Prime Minister of UK, Mr Gordon Brown, on issues like student visa problems, working hours and so on, Worlwide Nepalese Students' Organisation (WNSO) has launched as e-petition at the official website of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Please click on this link or copy and paste it in your address bar to view the full petition and offer your support to the cause by filling in the form and signing in. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/overseas-student/ We would be very grateful if you could inform about this petition to your fellow members and ask them to sign up and spread the message. You will need to be resident (not necessarily the citizen) of the United Kingdom to lodge the petition so if you do not live in the United Kingdom you may not be able to participate. Please participate in this cause, we need to get as many signatures as possible. Pass it on to your friends and families living in the United Kingdom. Please note that your address, email and your personal information are kept confidential. We have got the confirmation from 10 Downing Street that these details will only be used for the purpose of this petition and nothing else. Thank you very much for your support. regards, Sachin Shrestha Vice President Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation - UK
  2. Good idea to have all feed under one post but unfortunately that option is currently not being supported at this time. I agreed and respect all respected members view and have disabled RSS feed in IT section. Thank you E Major for bringing this issue to light and thanks all for your feedback and participation.
  3. No hard drive? No problem A US appeals court has given the thumbs up to Cablevision's new-age DVR, which stores recorded shows on remote servers rather than in-home hard drives.… View the full article
  4. Marketing drones demand Jobsian secrecy Black Hat Apple's politburo has put the kibosh on a presentation scheduled for the Black Hat security conference that was to give an inside look at the ultra-secretive company's security response team.… View the full article
  5. 21 partners join the Linux mobile fold The battle of open-source mobile systems continues to heat up. Motorola, NEC and Panasonic are rolling out seven new mobile handsets based on the LiMo (Linux for Mobile) software platform.… ? View the full article
  6. GPU type and process size spotted After AMD announced plans for the CPU/GPU 'Fusion' processor on the back of its acquisition of ATI in 2006, the company has since been extremely guarded with details.… View the full article
  7. Another name for knowledge backside Why is Cuil called Cuil? According to the free-spending founders of this Google-battling search engine/web-wide laughing stock, cuil is an "old Irish word for knowledge." But as it turns out, this is yet another example of CEO Tom Costello and company littering the web with bogus information.… View the full article
  8. Two weeks and counting Oracle's post BEA Systems acquisition roadmap hits the ground running in the next two weeks with the delivery of version 10.3 of BEA's popular application server.… View the full article
  9. Schmidt Mobile delivers Gentrification 2.0 Plenty has been made of the biodiesel-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled buses that whisk San Francisco's Google serfs to and from their Mountain View jobs in comfort and style. According to most accounts, it's a win-win proposition that provides a highly desirable perk to employees while also reducing a significant number of cars in one of the nation's most traffic-choked locales.… View the full article
  10. 'Complicit' in €4.9bn SocGen fraud The assistant of rogue trader Jerome Kerviel is being investigated for complicity in his former boss' trading scandal that cost one of France's largest banks billions of euros.… ? View the full article
  11. Thumb drive skirts subprime security A financial analyst for Countrywide Home Financial, one of the world's biggest and most troubled mortgage lenders, has been arrested and charged with stealing personal information concerning a breathtaking number of the company's customers.… View the full article
  12. 2008 going well, thank you Demand for PCs and mobile phones in emerging markets gave US chip makers a solid first half of the year in sales.… View the full article
  13. Phorm letter US Congressman Ed Markey and his anti-data-pimping brigade are back on the warpath.… View the full article
  14. Who can you trust? In the age of the P-p-p-p-powerbook and the ubiquitous 419 scammer, it comes as no surprise that many people have fallen for a Beijing Olympics ticketing scam that seems to have hit people all across the world. Due to the rarity of tickets for the games, and the particular setup of the scam site (and others), there was a lot of money lost by many people as they struggled to get their hands on tickets that didn't exist. It is ticket scalping for the 21st century, made even more lucrative by there being no need to actually provide any tickets to the victims.… View the full article
  15. FBI trace links to Brazil Dutch police have arrested two Dutch brothers suspected of running a botnet controlling 40,000 to 100,000 computers, with only a small portion (1,100 computers) based in the Netherlands.… ? View the full article
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