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  2. फुलबारी शान्ति टोल, बालाजु मा चार पाटे रुमाल जस्तो पूर्वी मोहदाको चार आना जग्गा तुरुन्त बिक्रिमा छ। घर बनाएर ५ हजार प्रति कोठा को जाने सर्वश्रेष्ठ ठाउँमा छ। इन्टरनेट, टिभी केबल, खानेपानी, बत्ती, ढल सबै कुरा को सुबिदा भएको। मुख्य सडक बाट मात्र पचास मिटर भित्र। 20 लाख आनाको…मूल्य मा नेगेसन गर्न साकिन्छ जग्गा मन परेमा धन्याबाद !! मोहन ९८४१३४८४६ Fulbari, Balaju ma char patte rumal jasto 4aana ko jagga turnta bikrima chha. Gar banayar 5hajar prati kotha ko jane best thauma chha – internet, tv cable, khanepani, batti, dal sabai kura ko subida bayako. main road bat matra 50meter bitra. 20L@aana price ma negetion garn sakinchha jagga man parema. thanks mohan-9841348465 For more details:- http://www.geocities.ws/suresthamohan/fulbari-balaju-khet.htm
  3. I am pleased to welcome you all WNSO China members to our students Chautari. Please have your discussion here, if needed, you can created separate topic. If you have any problem please let me know.
  4. Attention all Nepali Citizens who just finished grade 10 or equivalent and looking for opportunities for grade 11 & 12 on an international level! Apply for UWC and win a scholarship to study in one of the 18 UWCs worldwide and have an experience of a lifetime — The application is open now for 2020 entry. It's an online application and it's most convenient if you access the application using a computer rather than a mobile phone. Please spread the word widely in your schools and communities! Deadline - Aug. 31 To apply, go to the website https://www.np.uwc.org/.
  5. Dear fellow members, Many students who have been aspiring to study in Australia have a most common question - How is the situation of student job in Australia? What are the most common sectors? pay per hour? and suggestions. I hope that members of WNSO Chautari bring on valuable comments below.
  6. Dear all, Since the PDF file did not show up, I have copy-pasted the contents with slight edits for privacy reasons. Revival and Operating Model of WNSO Ultimate Aim: Nation Building > Community Development > Engagement model focused on youth and professionals (youth : professionals // executive : advisory) Objectives and Engagement Schemes Ø Right Information on Formal Education in Nepal and the World Ø Capacity Building (soft skills and motivation building) Ø Community Development (of motivated youth, professionals) Ø Entrepreneurship Development / acting as laboratory of ideas and innovation Ø Forum for educational and developmental discourse Transition towards Reinforcing WNSO Roles of current/former members as · Catalyst · Mild push Resources needed · Human · Logistics · Planning · Finance Issue of BRANDing in the age of algorithms · Name and Fame of Organisation · Graphical displays: determined by office amenities, name, acronym, logo, color combination · Youth Experience: impactful and reinforcing experiences of individual youth, depends on our approach and engagement model · Office space and location Specific sources of human resources: existing/former WNSOians as mild push during transition, college students, underprivileged youth, youth from ghettos (underprivileged neighbourhood), professionals Mild push during transition? : 6.1 Planning an engagement model that takes to cyclical operation of sustainable system 6.2 Renewing organization 6.3 Establishment of office space with standard amenities 6.4 Application of finance and volunteering We discussed about provision of Board of Trustees of the organization, for contributing towards generating a pushing fund. We hope that Board of Trustees definitely has potential to form and guide the organization towards sustainable engagement model.
  7. good job, go ahead. Let me know, if you need any help from my side.
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