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  2. Hello friends, Click here to read Latest and Funny gau khane katha with answer.
  3. You can also download ChatSansar app for Android on Google Play Store. Download link: http://chatsansar.com/android
  4. Can you please help me with a translation of this text. Thank you for your time and effort.
  5. We have now updated with our chat with voice and video feature: Link: https://kiwi.chatsansar.com Also, you can listen to Nepali radio stations while chatting! One of the oldest chat of Nepal! :)
  6. ChatSansar.com is online Nepali chat room with voice and video conference feature. Enjoy chatting with Nepalese inside Nepal and abroad. A chat to unify all Nepalese. Make new friends or even dating. Share your ideas, skills or talent. Have fun! Login Chat now; https://chatsansar.com/nepalchat
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