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_a little kitten_

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.. it looked so tenderly cute ...

even without life -

a little kitten

furry, white

upon wild grass carpet!

as if sleeping

(but for a dry lesion mark

on its innocent head)

a victim of fate?

or some cruel hand(s)?

who'd care?

bigger part of neighborhood

was still slumbering

but early sunrays poured on it

like transparent gold

(their warmth akin to silent

mourning) this dull morning...


... late in the evening, i halted

on my way back, there, to see ...

but the poor thing was gone -

cleared perhaps! ...

for a still moment

these eyes longed, searchingly,

for some signs of a little kitten

... furry, white

upon wild grass carpet ...

beneath a mute Neem tree...

motionless ...

but it wasn’t there any more -

none of those tiny paws & whiskers!

... (only a patch of crushed grasses

instead ... bathed quietly in the hazy twilight

amid many bugs shrilly serenading) ...


... a street-lamp some meters ahead

was dismally lit, the air blew cold

and there was half moon gazing ...

down at a lean figure now trudging

homeward ... with a shadow ...

amid many bugs shrilly serenading ...

late in the evening ...



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