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Water: The True Elixir of Life

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Water: the true elixir of life

There is a common saying, water: the true elixir of life. I strongly agree with this statement. Definitely water is the true elixir of our life for three reasons – it confers life, it beautifies the earth into heaven and it contributes more for construction of modern industrialized world.

Water is the primary basis of all life. Every living being needs substantial amounts of water in their body to run their life. Without it all physiological activities such as digestion and circulation become impossible. It is equally necessary for the life and growth of plants and trees. In fact all living beings life has become possible with regular availability of the life giving water.

There finds one thing in real world, that makes an earth into heaven, water. Imagine a beautiful sight, where a little stream is flowing down hitting against the rocks of both banks. The stream side where a blanket of trees is cheering, surprisingly, in a shamed-face, to the sun rise. And you are watching the reflection of green forest and golden sun in the surface of water sitting near the other side. You can’t stop your astonishing cheer. If you visit a water lake, you will forget all yours tensions and sorrows and engage yourself in swimming and fishing. In that time do you think to another heaven? Certainly not. Remember! Such beauty and greenery is only possible through water.

The flow of water undoubtedly plays a great part to construct the modern and industrialized world that avail rural economy to be improved in various direction. You can make the development of hydroelectric power. You can get cheapest form of internal transportation by boats and barges through cannels and rivers. You can cultivate the land and grow much more foodstuffs. Sometimes water may play a destructive part in some cases such as: landside and wash away the soil. However, the development of civilized forest may beneficial to check such cases of soil erosion.

To sum up, water is the most potent and most wonderful thing on the face of the earth. It is the most uncommon and peculiar of liquids with unbounded utilities. Water, thus, considered as the true elixir of life.

So I humbly request to all young kind hearts to pay some consideration towards water preservation. Pls.Pls.Pls. think once again your future, your generations' future then get ahead to put hand on hand for the vow of water preservation.

Bibek Babu

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