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Problems with us Nepalese

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Sushant Shrestha


My friend Nirbhik and I are sipping up our rum and coke and talking about Nepal and Nepali Politics, when we reached upto a discussion of what the problem is! While we were discussing what all has been been going on in Nepal, a point where we both agreed was that we Nepalese can do little to improve the current situation. All the while we wallowed in our discussion of how Nepal needs to be literate and "educated", we saw a greater point in the fact that the little things we do may create a sort of a "butterfly effect" so as to creating potential to a greater good to our nation. I guess what we were trying to say is that even a little thing like this blog entry could affect you or another person to think about this idea and probably this idea of ours(which might have many different sources) may affect the right person who could bring about "changes". This was an idea that Nirbhik came up with and I as anyone else would do refuted this claim as a utopian idea as I thought that the size of the educated population was too small to affect the whole nation. But as I thought through, it kinda made sense as all we lack, as a country, is a good leader and I guess there is no scientific way to prove our claim. However, this may be a start.


Well you might think what or who is a good leader? That is an answer that has many answers vis a vis arbitrary to one's belief. But one thing we all can agree is that a good leader is never perfect. Bill Clinton was a good leader and so was Abraham Lincoln, but both of them had frailties, which is another topic all together. But we cant overlook that they lead the US towards a positive direction, which is exactly what we need in Nepal. But behind all these questions and answers, I found a problem. While we might good leaders who are not perfect at all, we as Nepalese have a problem. The problem is that we tend to be too naive, we tend to be too easy and follow our leaders blindly, A cartoon sketch published in one of the newspapers when twelve Nepalese were murdered in Iraq, came to my mind. It vividly showed that very problem. One sketch showed a family watching the news on TV that said "12 Nepalese murdered in Iraq". The very next slide, showed the son smashing the TV. This is very much like the whole "Hrithik Roshan Scandal", where we chose blindly to destroy ourselves instead of understanding the situation at hand and not just following the opinions of a "leader". While we understand that any comment like that is offensive to us, we have no proof of what he said. We should ask ourselves if all those people that suffered injuries and some that died gave up their lives for a false cause(as far as we know) !! I guess those little bunch of people that started this had some leadership behind them and my point is exactly that, WE HAVE A CHOICE TO DECIDE WHETHER TO REBEL OR NOT. Given the fact that there are some strings attached to any action, WE STILL HAVE A CHOICE and we Nepalese frequently find it easy to follow leader.Given that we have so many problems in our country, we find it so easy to blame it on the system, on the leaders and on the environment, while we live in a bubble ignoring all the problems that we as individuals, we as Nepalese have. The time has come for us to realize this problem in ourselves. I guess there is little we can do to change everyone, but the little we can do makes a difference and that being that we realize a problem in ourselves and create awareness. I guess little things we do, might just and I must say might just make a difference in the big picture. So let us see and change ourselves before we seek to criticize others!! I know that our point seems simple and probably one that you might have thought of, which leads to the very point that small things make differences and this one may just influence you!







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