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Happy Id! :)

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… every day’s special to me no matter what it has in its store for me … for every single day has in a way or other taught me a thing or two about life … and enriched me towards a more matured state of being albeit slowly by providing me with an ever-widening perspective on things that positively matters in this world - and if I may say so, beyond, too ( for I happen to be a believer) … so for me today’s a special day, too, like any other day but this time I’m feeling like considering today a day esp. special for I notice my birthday has coincided with a great festival being observed by millions of people around the world … today’s Id :) … a day that connects numerous people who’re in different corners of the globe, brings together numerous family members who’re otherwise scattered far and wide for living’s sake, brings smile in numerous faces & joyous festivity in numerous hearts and most importantly, reminds people of the source of everything known and unknown, knowable and unknowable, definable and indefinable – the one who’s called by thousands of names by numberless people from thousand different parts of the world one of which is Allah by our Muslim brethren … with them today’s a day special for anyone who believes in the ‘same source’, common purpose of mankind, brotherhood, love and peace for all in the wake of 21st century … unfortunately, there has been limitless bloodshed throughout the mankind’s history in the name of faith whether we call them dharmayuddha, crusade, jehad or anything like that … but i firmly believe, deep down, that such ‘faithless’ damages on faith by means of war were brought, are being brought and will be brought by them alone who’re actually faithless behind apparent faith, insecure, ego-ridden, ruthlessly ambitious and those who’ve lost path in the name of path … its them who’re dangerous with little knowledge and an opium to mankind … not them who’re sincerely faithful with a yen to connect with ‘the source’… for them who’re truly seeking and discovering gradually within their own self the true meaning of faith no matter which path s/he’s following or intends to follow, violence, bigotry and diehardism in connection(???) with something as subtly sacred as faith are nothing but a sheer ignorance and a madness resulted by a misguidance … one who’s truly a Buddhist will be no different from one who’s truly a Muslim or a Hindu or a Christian in spite of all the surface differences … so for them a day deemed sacred by the people of a path or any path is equally sacred as the one in the culture of their own path … it comes naturally without having to go through any discourse or reading or following any socializing tactic … and hence, the sacredness of Id is as sacred as that of Purnima, Lhosar, Christmas, Deepawali or Dashara … and Allah is another name of Ishwor, God, Abba, Bhagwan or any other name given by mankind to their cosmic source … So, happy Id to all of you folks out there from all faiths ! :) esp. to Mostapha, Auras and all my Afghan friends and those from the middle east at Acharya … and Khan saheb (Raju Ali Khan),- my Urdu poet friend and all my Muslim neighbor brothers and sisters at Nepalgunj, my home town … and before wrapping up for tonight, my loving thanks to all my own who wished me birthday today :) … and fond remembrance and lots of love to those who forgot for various reasons ( like I do so often .. being forgetful mostly ) :D … a very goodnight to you all! :)

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