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Should the Political Leaders be Followed?

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Should the Political Leaders be Followed?Bijay P. Mishra (Jhapa) Now in New Delhi


It is really a matter of disgrace that the situation in Nepal is again worsening. It sometimes becomes shameful to claim self as Nepali in beyond-Nepal arena. Though we do it. Actual question is not self however, but of the country as a whole.


The country of peaceful, peace loving and harmonious Nepalese was manifested in the vision of people all-over the world, whenever they heard even the words related to Nepal and its varied ethnic, lingual, cultural, literal (etc.) arena, in the past. Moreover, Nepal was to be proposed to be a 'Peace Zone' in the year 1976 (Colombo Summit Conference) What to call it, Dasha in astrological term of whatever- Rahu-Ketu-Shani etc. is over the beautiful country? Or is it result of selfish motives of the "so said" leaders that brought setbacks to our Motherland? Such questions echo now and than in the mind of a sincere, devoted, peace-loving Nepali.


The earnest desire of Nepalese (excluding the ill motivated Politicians) is still that the country may restore peace and that it may be declared as Peace Zone. But there are some elements sincerely working against this sincere desire of humble Nepalese, may be backed by the selfish motivated Politicians (So Said "Leaders").


Due to the elements of destruction, the elements of creating chaos, violence etc. the backwardness of Nepal, speaking economically, is going backward day-by-day. The destruction of infrastructures like telephone towers, bridges, Government buildings etc. are not at all constructive, but are been used as a tool to pressurise the Government for mean motives' fulfilment.


The country's economy is very much dependent on foreign aids. The aids are provided not for experimenting by constructing and destructing, but for development as a whole. Moreover, we should have respect for what we get from others. Besides, Tourism industry is the backbone of Nepalese economy, if agriculture and other traditional occupation are kept aside. But if the backbone of tourism industry- the infrastructures itself are destroyed, how can the industry flourish?


The question now arise is, are the "so said" leaders have the above said respect for what we get from foreign countries? Have they ever shown any quality in them that is worth followed? Are they really leading us towards something constructive? Or are we pulled by them towards destruction and violence only, due to our blind faith on them?


The situation of turmoil in case of the peace and prosperity, security and democratic way of governance desired by the general Nepalese is increasing day by day. The leaders are not really working for the peace restoration and common well being of the fellow countrymen.


Dear Nepalese elders, brothers-sister and friends, here are some questions we must ask to self-discussed amongst in our group and remain aware of:

1. Do you regard politics as the only means to restore peace in our country?

2. What do you think of "Peace" to be? Is it a term to be declared by the politicians only, for whatever situation, as they like?

3. Have you ever pondered over the term 'peace' to get its actual meaning?

4. Do you regard 'Democracy' is our right? Or have you left it up to the leaders to provide?

5. Are the leaders really working for common well being of the masses?


We must be aware that:

Blind faith towards politicians is not the tool to bring peace in our day-to-day life and country. We must not assume and sit quietly that they will talk and restore peace in country forever. Peace should not be regarded as a situation between two violent situations. What I actually want to say is that the Leaders are not worth followed. They are tested in recent months too. They are indulged in parting the Chair among them, not the responsibility that the chair holds.


I'm not speaking anti-democratic words. What I mean to say is there are might be some leaders who are worthy. Responsible to ensure peace, harmony and development in our Himalayan Nation. We should have a clear look towards them. We must be vigilant and active in the issues of peace and pressurize the respective body to ensure Democracy in its true sense at the earliest.


Let students not be the channel to destruction and puppet in the hands of the politicians, but be a channel to reinforce the peace restoring and security, economic and democratic development.


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