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What have i been up 2??

Just the thought of writing all of them down is

kinda of overwhelming me!!

So many ideas, few executed.

So many emotions, few made known.


it's been almost 2 month or so ever since

i've punched on this keyboard.

Yeah, raising a child isn't as easy as it looks..

When Brian turned 11th month(June),

he was in hospital 4 bronrithistics 4 days.


Upon his discharge,

he was talking his 1st steps.(31.07.2007)!!

At 1st, he gave us that cheecky look that

he was up 2 sth, u know,

like the kids in the little rascals movie.

N then with that wide grin,

he took off...

he was so delight in his accomplishments that

he was actually clapping his hands n laughing

when he fell.

I have 2 admit,

I felt like telling the world abt his independence.

Mohan got his phone n

I took the camera,

we just couldn't believe our eyes!

N we did take a couple of shots b4 he grew tired.



Yes he turned 1yr old last month,

n so did I, a year older.

Coincidentally both of us happened 2 be Cancerians.

Thanks 2 all those birthday well wishes.

I woke up with all the aspirations n

accomplishments of a 7 year old...

or a primitive protohuman perhaps -

still seeking 2 bring back 'fire' 4 his tribe,

while not understanding exactly what 'fire' is or

what it might mean.

Yeah. Anyway. Old but young.

Or stupid. Or just really, really, really silly.


Everyday is a new day 4 me 2 learn something new.

Whether it's about me or abt every1 n everything else.

There is always something new

I'll discover n

perhaps do good 4 me in time 2 come.

Lately i'm finding salvation in music.

In a long list of mistakes,

I think music is what we did right.

I don't care if it's a pair of rubbish bin lids banging together or

a full fledged string orchestra,

Music is good. Music is great.

Music speaks 2 the spirit in a language that transcends words.

A smile n a kiss when i am at my worst.

I sometimes look at life,

the universe n everything,

as a huge multi-faceted puzzle.

1 that I just want 2 dive straight in n

start every part of, all at once.

Which is both impossible yet

totally integral 2

getting the whole thing worked out.

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