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listening to you :)

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listening to you

i don't even realize i'm listening to you.

don't know how, but i helplessly lose myself

in your words guiding me with the lantern

of love

through the nooks and crannies of your feelings

and then to the shrine i truly worship - your heart.

you say things

and without any effort

i see things emerging therein.

each words you utter to me thus become a vision --

vision that totally surrounds me, lulls me, gets into my soul

and takes me to a world i never want to return from.

and when i have to return, i can't help hating my watch.

it's then i realize he who'd said,"always lend your ears

to the one you love" must have been somewhat fool

'coz to me the very thought of

lending my ears to you sounds rather senseless.

why so?

i don't know, but perhaps it's because i do not lend

but surrender them to you


and with selfless love, care and a deep urge to share

the summers, autumns, winters and springs of mine

with the summers, autumns, winters and springs of yours.

i feel no existance of time.

so love, listening to you is learning

a serene art i couldn't have learnt from anywhere else.

is like hearing a great tale no literati can afford to tell.

is being called by a sound coming from the sweetest-sounding bell.


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