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I have NO Dream

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Sounds pessimistic? Right. Of Course, let’s talk about pessimism sometimes. Let’s talk about dark things in life. Life is not only spring; it passes through many many cold winters. You tell me, are not you felt bored, sad, unhappy, and angry in life? You have man, you must have. Then, why do not you talk about those things?




I have a question, why do you write only about the good food and good taste? Yes, I have read and heard many times about that tasty Ice Cream, Spicy Biryani, Crispy Chicken and have even seen you how you enjoy such foods. BUT, WAIT!!, WAIT!!, Did you forget that, someday ago, when you were eating your dinner, you found a cockroach in your curry………….Thu Thu Thu…………You might have vomited. How can you forget that? Did you forget that when you drank that lassi, there was a green insect at the bottom of the glass? Did you forget how you drank that Milk Tea where not only one but two flies were swimming? Tell me. Have you Forgot? Nope, I am quite sure you can not.




Why did you boast all the time you were the most favorite student of your mathematics teacher? Did you forget that your Science teacher or Sanskrit Teacher never liked you because you hardly crossed 32 marks in those subjects? I know that even sitting on the back bench, I could clearly hear how he used to shout at you. Goru, Gadha, Bhate, ……hehhehee………..I used to laugh looking at your face. Hahahahhaha………..Life was too fun.


And on the way back to home, You were always silent for half an hour till that Nilgiri Hill came. And when you used to see Nilgiri hill, then, words from your mouth would automatically come. You used to say that if I get that Teacher Mr. X or Mr. Y, I would dig a big ditch and bury him alive!!!!!!!!!Oh my god, what a hatred, But I liked this idea. I wish I can bury all of them, all the teachers of this country.




N I said to you, Yes, Yes, Bury him. Bury all of them even that mathematics teacher……….sale bahun.” That was enough to create spat between us. Everyday, I heard how intelligent, n , loving and caring he is. N after giving me lecture on education, you might not have been tired but after one and half hour journey, I would be. I just used to say you bye and enter my house without being convinced why that bahun (Gadit ko master) should not be buried.


Imagine again another incident, How we played on rainy days. Just bunking the classes, running up and down those umpteen hills. Getting tired and coming back to home. I know many times and more than me, you caught cold. How your mother slapped you when you did not obey her. All I could see from my corridor at a time when I was sobbing because of my fathers’ slaps. You must be lucky my dear friend. Your mother just used your hand but my father, oh my god, he used anything he got on his hand at that time.


Still, I never changed, I never had any dream to do anything. I know and many friends from our batch were badly beaten, hammered, bashed by parents, teachers, friends, and even time and circumstances. If many people know, why do you still try to hide????


Tell me frankly how can you just laugh today as if there is no happy moment tomorrow? You might have forgotten my dear how you were crying day before yesterday when your sister mercilessly bashed you for using her lipsticks and little perfume. Why you people are feeling shy? These are the part of life and in process; you grow and become a man, a good man. Is not it? Then, Why To hide??!!!!.


A Man with no dreams and plans write like this. This is an example.

“I have a Dream”, was said by Martin Luther King Jr. long time back in 1963. Good, good for him, and his supporter in USA and civil rights movement. Today Barack Obama is saying the same in USA, but I refused to get up and hear them.




I Am sleeping and sleeping and I HAVE NO DREAM. I am happy that I have no dream and hope that yesterday’s nightmares will not be repeated. To avoid them also, I have no Dream.

GOOD! GOD! I have no dream.


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It is so easy to be induldge in the state of unhappiness.

A culture of consumerism and capitalism has

sowed the seed of greed and a sense of deficiency.

We NEED bigger clearer screens,

we NEED bigger cars,

we NEED to have pefect kids,

we NEED to have a perfect education system,


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