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A Joyous Merry Xmas n A Brand New Year *2007* .

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The dawning of the New Year

is a moment when we look 4ward with hope;

we make resolutions 2 improve ourselves,

2 change those weaknesses that

seem 2 make our lives more difficult than

they ought 2 be, or

2 change things that

our friends tell us makes us

disagreeable 2 be around. B)


When we make these resolutions,

we do it in the hope that

the problems of the year just ended

will dissolve

n that the year ahead

will be a period of health n

prosperity 4 our families, friends, n

ourselves. :rolleyes:


Unfortunately, when we look at the

state of the world,

there's no real hope that such wishes

will come 2 pass.


So, 4 those who claim that the world

has "improved".

It probably means;

"My life n the life of the people I know

is better,"

provided they r living in the Western world.


Let's face it.

People have been trying 2 change the world

4 thousands upon thousands of years.


Doesn't seem 2 work, does it? :o:unsure::huh:


At least not as far as

producing any sort of improvement.

Sure, there r those who'll say that

with electricity life is easier,

with modern medicine

we've eradicated many life-threatening diseases,

with automation we r able 2 produce goods

4 more and more people,

with modern agriculture we can feed

many more people than was possible

with the family farm,

n with modern communications

we're in instant contact with the world.


The problem is,

there r still millions who starve every year,

hundreds of thousands who die in hospitals of illnesses

contracted in the hospital

4 some other ailment

or from the drugs meant 2 cure something else. :blink:


Millions of people r out of work n

can't afford the "good things" in life,

not 2 mention Mother Earth appears

2 be taking things into her own hands.

Global warming,

series of earthquakes

ringing the planet like a bell. :unsure:


Globally, human values have been replaced by

market values,

technological values,

military values, n

material values,

if these terms r not oxymorons. <_<


We live in a world of science n religion

created by and 4 anthropoids,

4 people who r incapable of

having a critical thought,

who seek their intellectual nourishment

at the breast of Hollywood...


Lastly on a brighter note; :D

let us live each day 2 the fullest.

My wishes 2 1 n all;

A Joyous Merry Xmas n

A Brand New Year *2007* .

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