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... a day just like any other day ... in the sense that it came n now its almost gone ...

nothing esp happened n yet everything that happened was nth less than esp :) ... evening

came n i got myself drenched in the rain sauntering around bhatbhateni n baluwatar ( hoping

to escape the aftermath of sneeze n all that... n got no coffee outside all the shops being

closed ) ... been ages since i last went cuddly with the rain like this ... came in with a

blackout ... did the cooking ... gave final strokes to a painting lying incomplete for more

than a week ... feels good now that its done n drying ... watched maoist supremo's

interview n pondered a bit ... felt he said many things i'd have said myself had i been in

his seat(heaven save me from such a place)... only thing i didn't like was his visible

distrust n disrespect(maybe) for current parliament ... he might have his reasons though ...

makes me wonder at how ppl strive to change the world n yet world more or less remains the

same ... the same dust n fire n air n water n ether ... n billions of breathing critters

including our own species ... politics is not my cup of tea ... nor all the fancy rules and

dogmas n principles n sagacity n tug of war that goes on in this arena ... only thing i

understand is that there's nothing higher or nobler or aesthetic or correct or just or even

holy until we fetch them out from what already is lowly or ignoble or crude or incorrect or

unjust or unholy ... seek otherwise n you're a deviant lost in your own mire ... forget or

ignore or underestimate common people in their sufferings n with their hopes n aspirations n

thirst for peace n you're no more a good politician or a part of people-oriented politics no

matter what party you represent or pledge loyalty to ... it's as simple as that ... so don't

you all once again confuse us with your jugglewords n lousy moves ... you leaders and all of you members into active politics ...

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