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... kind of surprised at myself that i found time at last to update things here ... not that i'm too busy ... it's just that i'm a little lazy :D ... someone rightly calls me 'birale' now n then whenever she's here :) in the sense that once back inside my den i rarely do things that can really be called activity except reading books outside my curriculum or sitting justlikethat or simply sleeping :P ... been ages without properly surfing net( n not checking mails only), watching tv or listening to the kind of music that involves drums, trumpets or electric guitar ... i'd promised someone(that very person who calls me birale) that i'd join a health club ... i did ... only thing is i'm yet to lift weights there :D ... so bless me lord krishna, my friend n confidant, or at least wish me good luck ... that i'll be a good boy and keep abreast with the time and world around me in every respects ... and i guess posting this journal is a good start towards shedding my 'birale' habits and making some use of at least 4 cups(actually mine’s a mug or perhaps a trifle smaller than a mug hehe) of coffee I daily consume … hopefully this change is for keeps and not just a new year afflatus once again … :)

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