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Down with Flu n Fever...:(

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Y do we think we have so much control over everything!!?

I guess it’s just a natural inclination.

In psych, we learn that

a sense of control (real or imagined), decreases stress.

I can see the truth in that. :lol:

I have mastered the art of the controlled mess.

My obsessive-compulsive tendencies drive me 2

inexplicable neatness. :ph34r:


But sometimes I just need a mess.

So I allow myself a guilty pleasure—

a hamper of clothes at the end of my bed,

a pile of unread mail—

anything that I can hold a small amount of control over!!

Something constant that I can rely on... :D

*yes, I’m aware that I am most likely deranged*


Well, in the dark we r just like the air..

But once we r gone,

who is gonna care if we were ever here at all?

It's gonna cloud our eyes again.

There is not need 2 focus when..

there's nothing that is worth seeing.<_<:(:ph34r:


I think we lost what we loved in that mess of details.

They seemed so important at the time

but now we can't even recall any lines,date or time...!!

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