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It's been quite a while ever since i have posted blog.

Guess i'll just be brief n

type away the thoughts of what had happened in the recent weeks.

All of it seemed so fresh in my mind.

In our "unresolved issues", sad.gif

We seem 2 have our roots grounded deeply,

N somehow 4 1 or another reason,

they got stuck

n did not finish passing through

which thus clouded the judgment... ph34r.gif

Even with some confrontation,

none of us were willingly 2 face what actually happened. huh.gif


Y is that the feelings we do like,

seem 2 swiftly pass through quickly

without much trace. blink.gif

N those which aren't;

Remains sealed into a photograph? unsure.gif

Emotionless n Incomprehensive.


In this harsh n painful world,

All we ever want is always the easy way; huh.gif

Relief; Avoidance;Jeopardize;

Just 2 name a few..

N a cure/truth is painful...

A painful way out.... sad.gif


I've started by making a list of feelings

I'm trying 2 avoid,

n thoughts that comprise my personal metaphors. smile.giflaugh.gif


I've learned that foundation lies in the mind n in oneself.

I learned it is best 4 individuals 2 remain free 2 see n

interpret the truth 4 themselves. tongue.gif

As the saying goes,

"A good teacher protects his pupil from his own influence". biggrin.gif


Freeing my thoughts of restrictive encumbrances,

my philosophy is now geared for fully,

with every nerve fully exposed 2 my feelings, tongue.giflaugh.gif

n philosophy both subconscious n conscious.

**It is an integrated philosophy that explicitly n

implicitly includes all my feelings. smile.gif **


I m allowing my feelings 2 flow through freely,

N not let it control over my life.

I'm on my way 2 healing... tongue.giflaugh.gifrolleyes.gif

Healing 4 the better...

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