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It's Sunday..

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laugh.gifAs i m listening 2 some fabulous Nepali musics online n

Typing away my blog entry 4 2day...

Raju Lama's song entittled : Timilai Dhekhera

Just brighten up my day... smile.giflaugh.gif

Aww...if only songs were so smooth...

The sound of the flute.. n etc..

Memories of Nepal comes flooding 2 my thoughts...

Like the himalayans n the warm,humble locals...

It starts making me nostalgic man!! sad.gifunsure.gif

With Dashain n Tihar not very far,

I makes me wanna pack my luggage n

head off without doubt. ph34r.gif

We can travel all over the world

in search of what we need n

ironically it's only when we come home,

2 find it, n everything we basically need. smile.gif


I haven't been posting much lately

due 2 my tight schedule.

And look at me now,

Albeit it's Sunday,

I have lots of stuffs 2 waiting 4 me 2 do..

Alright i'll stop here n

Start working on marking the books...

Have a great weekends, palz.

Cheers!! biggrin.gif

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