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If every question has an answer...

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If every question has an answer..


If every question has an answer or

if every "y" has a reason, huh.gif

there would be no meaning of survival 4 existence.

If this world is a perfect place n

if the person is a perfect person,

there would be no mistakes n no regrets.

My best wishes 2 every1 who comprehends life as it goes on,

N that includes very much my own self as well. smile.gif


I have always been myself,

trying 2 be Ms. Optimistic; sleep.gif

it worked sometimes while

the rest of the periods were drastically painful. ph34r.gif


faith mercies on my soul 2day

N I know it will on urs. smile.gif

Emotions can seldom be manipulated;

hence i dont blame any1 4 the deeds.


Never did I attempt an invasion or seduction of feelings on him.

If u declare that u might need him,

I KNOW he needs me more than anything else

he've ever felt, seen or heard. ph34r.gif

N it is not within my capacity 2 disrespect n

deteriorate such strong emotion;

My companionship is the ONLY gift

I can present him with. happy.gif

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Mind blowing, Beautiful written, Superb, could not have said it in more simple way. Your writtings bowls me over, you are a girl with big personality. A shooting star that is seen only on rare occassion to grant our wish. Hold to your faith dear and keep on shinning.

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lol. what a comment to nakkalee,


Just keeping it straight here.....mind blowing. smile.gif


Sounds like his transaction wasn't carried out in the fashion you expected it to be ? Because in Young....we have , fuzzy feeling ! There are lot's of people that have been defrauded by tellers that are less than honest in expression unlike you ; ) ...what I mean is that atleast you are honest in feeling sweety.... that's the reason, you have melt me


You can trust it...

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