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Uncivilized Behaviour..!!!

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Uncivilized Behaviour..!!!


In my recent trip 2 my friend's place

I happened 2 find out that,

C had been abused constantly 4 the past 6 years!!

ALthough we never were close..

But it was much later,

Did c blurted out abt her piteous state. wacko.gif


*Goshh.. rolling eyes* blink.gif

Man, i thought 2 myself,

Y's c so foolish?? mad.gif

As usual like many helpless women

who have been through her position;

factors such as child, low-education, etc, etc

created that "Pressure" 2 make her stay on.

Including the "wait-n-see" attitude;

He'll change... blink.gifmellow.gif


While I don't believe in the pseudo-scientific theory

that humanity descended from the apes, ph34r.gifunsure.gif

But if I were asked 2 compare the behaviour n

habits of modern humans 2an animal type

I would seriously suggest the pig for a vast majority of the people -

more specifically,

the wildest of the boars. mad.gifbiggrin.gif


It's truly astounding that in the 21st century

humans behave the way they do

n still consider themselves civilised!!

Although I'm not altogether down on humans,

2 use a modern catch phrase,

I have greater expectations of them.

It is disappointing, though,

2 see their actual behaviour patterns. unsure.gifmad.gif

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