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I've been cleaning my room/house n

doing some "freaking"organizing...

b4 I go off 2 cook lunch... unsure.gif


My room is so entirely filled with my life that

I fear if anything is lost,

somehow a part of me is destroyed as well.

*But maybe that's just the incense talking.

I've been burning it since 8 in the morning. ** ph34r.gif

Work was incredibly slow this morning.


I'm discovering more and more everyday that

there is no magical point of "arrival" in life.

U're constantly growing, contantly changing....

People are constantly dissapointing u.

There's nothing u can grasp onto that will be certain n reliable.

I used 2 think that there was a list of things in life

that if i could only achieve

I would find happiness.

No such thing exists. sad.gif

Happiness is a decision.

Not a job. Not a killer pair of jeans.

U find it where u choose 2 see it.

Like the the final page of a book. smile.gif

Or maybe ,toasted sandwiches with ur family on a beach;

Or probably a conversation that keeps u thinking long

after u've both stopped talking. blink.gif

I'm done with this writing 4 now.

This is my life, I'm who I want 2 be.

The rest is all perks. blink.gifblink.gif

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Recommended Comments

Nice shots.. sound the pain of that tainted wall that surrounds u makes u feel thats all life u are around by... but to me... its bit different... high hopes... lots of dreams... same like u.. like the killer jeans.. i reallly loved the way you wrote ur feeilngs in expression of total..touch... keep it up.. you are what u are.. and mind it.. its good for nothing atleast you have tha feelings... and it made u to jote it down...


what i mean is keep going... rock the world the way you want.. optimitic or pessimistic.. its all on you.. but have faith... for stars you willl see teh moon... if u fall u will b on the roof.. if u think of roof then u might b to the ground... so choices are yours.


Just take a cofee and tune the music.... may b the heart can feel far better than it was...


just say cheers ten times a day... though it makes no sense ... one day... u will learn to cheer...in a way so simple that u will teach other the way u started cheering...


will u please simply smile ... for me... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



that.......s it..



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