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My Journal 4 the day....

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My Journal 4 the day....

I have "digged" a journal i had posted sometime back,

4 ur interesting reading.

Hopefully we all stop arguing abt what universities we studied at,

N all the trival things..

At the end of the road it's not everything..


Time n time again,

an idea about a pathway through life assails my train of thought;

such thoughts occur only momentarily majority of the time.

As my vacation progresses however,

its frequency became increasingly higher,

tugging at my mind, pleading 4 it 2 be given deeper considerations

than just a brief acknowledgment.


The thought about having a manual on

how 2 get to where one aspires 2 be,

2 acquire in their possession what they want or

simply 2 be what they aspire 2 be was most appealing.


The idea was always flashing in my subconscious n only now,

through sheer determination 2 be heard,

broke through the mould created by my habit 2 shrug of seemingly

insignificant ideas.

Insignificance, after all, is merely a perception.


By virtue of the above,

I put down in words the thoughts n ideas

that had been tugging at my subconscious

lest it elude me once more.


The idea was simple,

follow the steps n u shall be successful,

it was foolproof n it was packaged nicely with multiple benefits.


Why then have I been shrugging this idea away?

Why did it seem absurd? unsure.gif


On giving the idea consideration,

the steps 2 follow became clearer,

it was a path many of us have been following all along;

it was education, smile.gif

the path 2 attain qualifications which,

in theory, would get us better paid jobs which would then allow us

2 get what we want in life.


Its glitter faded n its absurdity became apparent,

it was flawed. ohmy.gifph34r.gif

I am not questioning the validity of education,

it certainly is essential and I am not disputing that fact.

It is the mindset that is flawed,

the belief that greatness can only be achieved through qualifications.

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