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Breezing though..

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Breezing though..


It's been a hectic week 4 me,

w/o knowing that weeks breezing though..

like whispers of the ever changing seasons..


2day, the whole world has changed in a very subtle

Yet profound way....

Perhaps u felt it,

as u were stirring ur hot chocolate this morning

or coffee 4 some of u, smile.gif

*I don't take coffee, 4 ur information,it's kinda of bitter biggrin.gif * -

Like a milky cloud in the shape of a face

breaking against the convex side of the teaspoon.

Maybe u knew something was wrong when u were abt 2 start work

Or probably standing in the lunchroom listening 2 the cold tap

going drip, drip, drip against the empty sink. laugh.gif

Maybe u noticed the spaced look in the eyes of people

U passed on the street,

the confused preoccupied demeanor of the corner store shop owner,

the melancholy nature of local pets and wild life. smile.gif


2daythe old world ended,

4 the briefest moment,

N began again as an exact copy of its former self -

with very fundamental alterations that...

I can't begin 2 describe here with any clarity... huh.gif


2day the world makes little sense,

so hold on 2 what u can, ohmy.gif

while u have it.

All the changes u've been waiting 4 have started -

the toys r winding down n

the tattered thread of the universe has begun 2 unravel. laugh.gif

I don't know what this will mean 4 the modern mythology...

It's just a stream of conscious.

What does that mean?

Free flowing thoughts pour forth.

When the mind pouring forth these ideas is

as large as every thought expressed on every web page on the planet, biggrin.gif

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