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Part of Me, Part of my Life..My Dad

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Due 2 some circumstance,

(As u can see, My stupid "Dear" paid some1's bills instead of ours!!)

Soo...I had my telephone n net line terminated this week.

Sob sob..

Ironically i loved it..biggrin.gif


I spend that time playing volleyball n making new friends..

That proves how much time we loose out in other aspect of our lives,

really beats hanging ard online n making some "cyber friends".

Trust Me. rolleyes.gif

Thus today in my post i would like 2 writ abt my Dad..

Part of Me, Part of my Life..

I am typing this entry from my diary.


Me n my little sis call him "baba"

whereas my 2 little bro call him dad.

Hahaha!! biggrin.giflaugh.gif

Have I mentioned that my father rocks?

I don't just say that because I can talk 2 him about anything

or because he can sit n have an intellectual conversation with me.

He listens 2 things no daddy wants 2 hear about

n from his daughters,

n then doles out sympathy and/or advice as needed.

He cheers 4 us when we do well

n is our biggest "cheerer-upper" when we're struggling.

He's a great dad, but that's not why he rocks.


His awesomeness made me feel honored 2 get up

at 5:30 this morning just so I could say Happy Father's Day

There was sth in his voice which indirectly told me that

he loves me 2.

We talked abt our family, n etc..


Even when I'm wandering the halls alone,

I can feel the love.

Folks I'm sure I've never met before call me by name

or ask if I'm Keshar's daughter.

They congratulate me on my successes n

tell me how lucky I am 2 have a father like mine.

They confide their love 4 my dad...



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