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I cannot believe how totally time consuming teaching is.

I never imagined that it would take as long as it does.

4 the past week I have felt a little overwhelmed.


I had a student calling me Aunt

I was just about 2 fall off of my seat upon hearing that!! blink.gif

**who was he calling Auntie!**

Usually all my students call me "Didi".

This is going to take a little bit of getting used 2!


Getting back 2 my life at home,

From today till the next month,

I'll be Home Alone!!

I'll be a hermit now...

with Mohan gone 4 his "course" in Autrallia...

I'm ok with it as i feel it'll make the hearts grower stronger wink.gif


Life's sux now, with everything going wrong...

Sis's injuried with no1 2 look after her...

Her apartment burnt down....,

Dad's alone w/o family n then

Mum's with my 2 bros...

Oneof which broke his leg in an accident 2 months back...

God's testing us as a family??

If he is,

he better send us alot of $$$

from heaven into our banks!! ph34r.gif

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