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Ideas are nothing if not shared.

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Ideas are nothing if not shared.


Thoughts trapped in books or frozen in cyberspace r useless

until they interact with an intelligence. rolleyes.gif

It is only at the coalface of critical thinking that concepts acquire

any sort of worth at all.

It is true that a thought in ur head will have an intrinsic value 2 u

n sadly, we so often feel that anything valued

should be kept n coveted.


But what we need 2 realise laugh.gif

is that a thought shared is not a thought spent -

quite the contrary in fact.

U can communicate an idea 2 another

N they will gain in knowledge -

yet this will not make u any poorer of thought,

4 u will still have it complete n unlessened within ur mind.


Not only that,

but when 2 mariners from the sea of knowledge share their bounty -

not only will each be able 2 take away the sum of both catches,

but also might they share in the new

N greater riches born of the interaction

between formerly estranged concepts. smile.gif


The communication of ideas is not a zero sum game -

the proliferation of information

equates 2 an exponential profit of knowledge.



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