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Let's Get Political!

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"I'm on an ocean that has a brain n makes us dream.

I'm on a mission 2 wipe my imagination clean.

You grow inside me, dying time n time again.

I'm on a mission 2 escape from what my life has been."


If u know what that's abt, good 4 u .


Let's Get Political!

Ok 2day i was reading this article on some gals

being raped by the UN officers,

n some1 online mentioned 2 me that

they can just abort the babies...


Time 2 shake things up a little,

n really piss some people off.

1st thing 1st,

Abortion is murder!!

Through much philosophizing in my earlier days,

I came 2 the conclusion that

life begins once the fertilized egg nestles itself into the lining of the uterus.

After that, it takes some act -

natural, random, human, purposeful -

2 change the course of that small set of cells becoming a full-grown person.


The idea that there is a distinction between a "fetus" n a baby is ridiculous.

It's like saying that children have less of a right 2 live than adults.

Those aren't the rules we agree 2 live by.

The rule is that everyone has a right 2 live!! mad.gif

What if a child isn't viable outside of the womb?

That's what the womb is there 4!

How can one detach an unborn child's existence from it's mother's?

That's how babies r formed.

It's pretty elementary.


The idea that a person has control over their own body,

n therefore should be able 2 choose 2 abort doesn't add up either,

because the combination of mother n child is no longer

simply the body of the mother.

N you can argue that a "fetus" is a parasite,

but then again you can also be a living piece of ****.

*Didn't mean 2 say that*


On the flip side of the coin,

I do agree that we Do need doctors 2 perform abortation

cos there are way too many stupid people making kids.

*If u know what i mean* dry.gif

Most of all there are way too many people in the world.

It's mass murder on a scale that puts

Hilter, Stalin, n Mao 2 shame,

n it's STILL not enough.

I find that unfathomable. ph34r.gif


I would loved 2 continue on my ranting 2night

I'm desperately yearning 4 my pilliow.. biggrin.gif

N on the verge of dropping flat on top of my keyboard,

right now n here,

So,i'll have 2 end it here.

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