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It's finally Sunday!

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I just love weekends,

especially when it's SUNDAY!

From today, I'd decided 2 add some structure 2 my life.

Especially my mornings. biggrin.gif

It's very easy 2 just sleep in the warmth of my bed

rather than face the world around me.

So I started 2 do some cleaning up ard the house.

<Which i have procrastinating 4 a long time now.>

I doubt I'll be done,

I'll need an entire week of accomplishing it all.

But atleast I'm making the effort. laugh.gif


Life's been pretty good so far,

i just reached home after a game of volleyball with my friends.

<Well, we had a draw if u want 2 know.>

Catching up n meeting old friends just add that little sparks 2 ur day.

If u know what i mean. smile.gif

As i watch with kids n soo..worn out..

I kinda of feel worried..

What'll become of me,

if i were them.

Dammnn, Kids crying can get really on ur nerves..

Maybe i'll take it in my stide just as they have.

Whenever i c them,

My mum always flash through my head..

Questions such as.. blink.gif

How did c took care of me n my siblings.

It must have be a hard life,

or was it not?


Hmmm.. only time will tell i guess.

Maybe it's not that bad afterall.

"A period of maturity,blessing n awakening 2"

is what c calls 4 motherhood.. smile.gif

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