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They were angles!

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As i had told u earlier in my post,

i haven't been feeling well lately..

I was expecting the kids 2 be quite rowdy. dry.gif

I don’t know y or how or who or what,

but something happened in the class today.

They were angles! blink.gif

They listened, they worked, they were great! laugh.gif

Just when u think that u have sort of figured students out

they r well behaved, smile.gif ,

but it was terribly serious n scary.

once again u have no idea what's going on in their heads. ph34r.gif


The midterm environment/ fever is ard the corner

n I am not sure if I liked it. huh.gif

It certainly will prepare them 4 their exams

<cos it contribute quite a lot of %> .

Guess that's probably y

they're behaving much better than they usually r. ohmy.gif

But it is one of the most rewarding moments.

Some of the kids may have driven me nuts,

but ultimately it is great class

I will truly LovE them All the Same. laugh.gif

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