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Counting down the number of days

b4 the school holidays starts.

<That's finally when my students would b having their break!> smile.gif

Hurrraayyyyy **Relieved!**

I'm exhausted n depressed.

I'm sleeping more n more each day.

I don't know whatever possesses me 2 do so

but I've been trying 2 cover pain n the depression 4 days now. sad.gif

Myhead n back still hurt n

I'm beginning 2 think I really injured myself in that fall a week n a half ago.

I'm thinking it's the pain that wears me out everyday

n is contributing 2 the huge amounts of sleep.


On the upside, my honey bought me a cuddle-buddy which I named Snowy.

He's dressed in Mickey Mouse tighty-whities, overalls, leather sandals n sports some very cool sunglasses. laugh.gif


Considering everything, all together, my life's good.

The emotional pain tortures me more than the physical pain

but when I take a look at all the blessings I have, smile.gif

I have 2 admit -- life is still good. laugh.gif

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