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The other side of Midnight

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Guess it's just appropriate 4 me 2 write now..

just it's abt 2 strike 12 soon.

**Hopefully i'll be able 2 finish it on the dot biggrin.gif **

I thought that i had lost my voice

but then there it was on the other side of a line, in a dream.

U called,n i sleeply answered the phone

Rambling on abt how the sun had yet 2 come out.

I didnt know y u would ring so early.

U spoke slowly n so clearly with such a crisp tone

that u had only wanted 2 hear my voice first above anything else.

I'm positive that u could hear my smile through wires more than 2000 miles away

Singing me 2 sleep, anything at all.

n in that moment distance meant nothing.

N now ur voice is only a tiny murmur..

n the click of a telephone hanging up ringing in my ears. ..


Sometimes I get so, sooo very tired imagining all the things

I don't want it 2 be -

like bad poetry,

unsound philosophy,

grammatically insensical mispellings

or pain without humour.

Maybe tumor without humor laugh.gif


Like a pointless ramble I just can't remember how 2 stop... dry.gif


...until I do...

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