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PhD student,

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PhD student

Nijmegen, , 6500 HB(Gelderland), hours per week

University Medical Centre Nijmegen


Job description





PhD student, subproject ‘Tissue-engineered small-diameter blood vessels’

Aim: the design and construction of multi-layered, (cellular) tubular scaffolds resembling blood vessels in vivo, and the evaluation of their compatibility with respect to blood.

Background: vascular diseases are a major cause of mortality in Western societies; treatment with artificial polymeric vessels are not ideal as they generally result in occlusion.

Plan of work: The PhD student will prepare multi-layered tubular blood vessel constructs of type I collagen and elastin (peptides) combined with heparin and the growth factors VEGF and bFGF (present in different layers of the construct). Both flat and tubular scaffolds will be evaluated for haemocompatibility (including platelet adhesion, fibrin clot formation and platelet activation) and cytocompatibility (cytotoxicity, proliferation and differentiation assays). Finally, vascular endothelial cells will be grown on the inside of the bilayered tubular scaffolds and smooth muscle cells in the outer layer of the constructs to study cytocompatibility of endothelial/muscle cells in a flow model.





Required education/skills: University Graduate

We are looking for scientists with a strong background in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and medical biology, and with high affinity for basic and applied research related to clinical problems. Experience in cell culture techniques and animal research (article 9 qualification) are recommendable.

Job type: ENG_Onderzoek/ Advies




- Post-doctorates





University Medical Centre Nijmegen Dept. of Biochemistry 94



Websites: http://www.ncmls.kun.nl and http://www.ncmls.kun.nl/biochemistry/matrix/frames_1.html


Conditions of employment



Duration of the contract: 4 years




Additional conditions of employment:

We offer a challenging and multidisciplinary work environment with excellent facilities and technical support. The research group is located in the new research facility of the Radboud University Nijmegen (Nijmegen Center for Molecular Life Sciences).

Scale: 10, max. € 3.506,= gross nett per month.

Hours per week: 36.


Additional Information



Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:



mr. dr. T. van Kuppevelt

Telephone number: 0031 243616759

E-mail address: a.vankuppevelt@ncmls.ru.nl


Or mrs. ir. W. Janssen-Daamen

Telephone number: 0031 243614303

E-mail address: w.daamen@ncmls.ru.nl


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